AUB6 USA carrier unlocked update, March security patch


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Samsung have begun rolling out the AUB6 update on their Snapdragon, USA, carrier, unlocked, S21 series phones, (CSC codes XAA, ATT & VZW so far), with the March Android Security patch.

It is a FOTA, (Firmware Over The Air), update and you can check... Settings > Software update... to see if it is available for you.

Build date = 25 February 2021

Release date = 05 March 2021

Android Security patch = March 2021

This is the 2nd stable update in 37 days
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Thanks, downloading it now... swupdate.jpg
Done and installed. The serial connection shows a little less spurious activity, but unplugging it is the only way to check the battery life since it is also a charging cable. My ONLY reason to download any update is battery life. Nothing else matters whatsoever. So I am hoping for the best and expecting to be somewhat disappointed.
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