Audio controls

fat andy

Hi, Newbie here. I have made a bit of a leap from an old Nokia mobile with no wap access to a Galaxy note 2. I am getting there s.l.o.w.l.y!

I use Napster at home and have downloaded the napster app which has given me access to all my playlists. The sound is good, but it's very pure and a bit harsh for my music ravaged ears! Are there any equaliser controls built in to the operating system? or if not, is there a good app that I can download that will work on all the phones audio output? (I have to play my napster files through the napster app and not the Samsung player)


no EQ on the stock note 2.

I use Audio fx from the play store. You can put a cool fully functional EQ widget on your home screens.

there is also equalizer fx and they are free