audio crashes galaxy s2


Hi all, first post looking for some help!

I did search and there is a similar thread but no real resolution.

My galaxy s2, virgin mobile, crashes(hard reset) playing audio from any source for longer than 30 seconds or so. Sometimes it takes 30 seconds, sometimes it's 5 minutes. This happens with stock audio player, pandora, winamp.. basically anything playing audio for an extended amount of time.

This behavior has occurred on Jellybean and ICS and rooted ICS.

I did drop it while playing audio, wondering if audio drivers were damaged but I thought these would be overwritten when upgrading, rooting, correct?

I can't see this being hardware damage.. but I suppose it's possible.

Anyone know the procedure for reloading the stock audio system?

I've seen "Beats" driver and "VIPER" driver options but I'd rather stick with stock..

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks for any help! Warranty not a possibility btw.
Welcome to Android Forums. If you tell us what phone you are using and who your carrier is we will move your question to the all things root sub-forum dedicated to discussing your phone.

... Thom