Audio Vehicles Pro - great app and game to keep your kids entertained

Which Way Is Down is proud to present Audio Vehicles Pro.

We believe that technology has an important role to play in helping to teach our young children. Audio Vehicles Pro is an educational app & game for small kids with lots of vehicles like cars and planes!

This entertaining app contains a vehicles soundboard with matching words, pictures and sounds to help them learn to associate. More importantly (for them!!) it also has a fast and fun game to help them learn to match words, sounds and pictures. See how quickly they can get up to 10 points!

The app also has a great "record-your-own-sounds" page where they can record their own noises to playback! They can even make themselves sound like a chipmunk!!

Keep them entertained for hours!

Search for Audio Vehicles Pro on the marketplace right now!!

(Lite version also available to test a few of the features)