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"Authentication Error Occurred" on Wi-Fi yet modem is OK!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SkinJob, Mar 13, 2016.

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    I just bought a Samsung 10.1 Note 2014 tablet (Android 4.1.2) off a private seller. I'm starting to be concerned, because I can't connect to wi-fi. (Something I never though of testing!). I have no problem connecting with my Galaxy Tab 4, so the problem is related to the Note 10.1. The first time I tried wifi on the Note it gave me "authentication error". Then I switched from WPA-PS2 to WEP, and then it worked. But then when i changed it again to try out WPA-PS1, it wouldn't work, and then it wouldn't work on WEP again either! So it appears to have nothing to do with the security.

    I've tried deleting and recreating the wifi network info, Hard Reset, Factory Reset, changing the wireless channel, using the default WEP password on the router, resetting the router, and even after 2 dozen tries, it won't connect AT ALL to wi-fi, repeating that error. As a matter of fact, after changing the wifi channel and couple of other things on the router's wifi config page, it now gives me "Network Disabled, Poor Connection" error... despite returning to the original wifi config settings and rebooting the tablet! And of course it lists the signal as "Very Strong" (I'm only inches from the router!).

    What gives, please?! Am I borked, as in this is some sort of defect with the wifi card on these Note tablets, or is it solvable via software?

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