Root Authenticators on GB


I just got to .595. I was wondering what all these "authenticator" apps are. For example, LastFM Authenticator. LinkedIn Authenticator, etc.

Were these there before? I never noticed them (perhaps because I went to Apex right away.)

Is it safe to freeze/remove these apps?


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You can freeze them. You won't be able to use your social networking apps, i:e facebook, but if you don't use any of the social networking it won't hurt anything. DO NOT UNINSTALL THEM! Should you decide to flash your phone with a different rom you will have to SBF back to stock first.

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I use the "multi-select" function in Root Explorer to bulk move them to a directory on my SD card. That way I can easily move them back if I want to.

Check the sticky at the top of the forum, there are a few you shouldn't remove.