Help Auto brightness out of whack


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Anyone else experiencing this?


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Do you have more information? What's the issue? Stays too bright/dull? Dims/brightens brightens at wrong time? Have you recently updated? How long has the problem been?


I noticed the auto brightness setting wasn't doing too good about a week after i got my phone, so i turned off the auto and set the brightness manually to how i wanted it. I can turn it up a bit if i need to, but most of the time it's ok on about half brightness. BTW auto brightness could use your battery quicker than setting your phone manually.


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Did a factory reset a few days ago because audio was cutting in and out. Now I can't leave auto brightness on. If I do it drops to 4% constantly even when there is no change in light.


Mine has same problem on auto brightness, sometimes its screen is too dark in darkness ambient and could not read anything on the screen.