auto brightness too dim at times


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hi guys,

sometimes when I wake the watch the screen doesn't get bright enough for decent viewing - auto brightness trying to be clever I guess there a way to force the screen to full brightness just at that moment? ie like tricking the sensor etc

I did try manual brightness settings before, but the battery didn't seem to like that much! :D .... although I was using the always on setting too



the max brightness may help you but you need to do a finger swipe to get to it.

the "flat tire" is the ambient sensor. not sure if there is much you can do to "trick" it unless you shine a bright light source on it...


i think that would wear the battery more if a wrist gesture could do this. my reasoning behind this: if you are moving your arm around
(and with the sport version this is highly possible that you may be working out, etc) it could trigger a false gesture to turn on max brightness or whatever. nothing is impossible though..

perhaps try different watch faces with a different contrast when you are in certain situations where a "contrasty" type of face would be better seen...


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I agree, when you're caught in the sun, the last thing you want to do is dig through menus you can't see (although you can probably memorize the sequence of swipes to get to brightness boost: down, left, left, tap).

I have 13 unique shortcuts right on my watchface that I built with watchmaker (seems crowded, but there's still room for a few can fit a lot in along the edges where your finger hangs over the edge during tap..effectively giving you smaller fingers).

One of them is to a tasker task which (using autowear plugin) gives me a 10 second screen brightness boost. Tilt (to turn on display), tap (st the location where I know my custom brightness boost shortcut is), and voila...I can see..and not just for 3 seconds like stock brightness boost...That's not enough for most things.

That probably doesn't help you much unless you're interested to install tasker and autowear and another app like watchmaker to build your own watch face. But hey, it makes me feel better remembering there is payback for my invested time. Maybe a few others will find it useful along the way.
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hi - wow! that does sounds good - I always find Tasker a bit hard work when ive played with it in the past :/ ... bugt for those controls, I might try it