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Auto connect to bluetooth device

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Valiceemo, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Valiceemo

    Valiceemo Guest
    Thread Starter

    Is this possible?
    I'd like to have my phone connect to the bluetooth in my car but it doesn't. I have to manually connect every time I get in the car.
    Even with BT turned on it won't.connect until I click the device in the list.

  2. copestag

    copestag Android Expert

    maybe an NFC tag in the car could solve the problem........ would work similar to a speaker I have.... has an NFC tag on it...... when I touch the phone to the speaker it turns on the speaker.... turns on bluetooth on the phone.... pairs the devices.... turns on the music player and starts playing music

    you could easily program a tag to pair the phone to the car
  3. TritonDroid

    TritonDroid Well-Known Member

    Mine connects automatically, so I know it is possible. It must be on your cars side...

    I am on stock rooted and Verizon.
  4. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    look at the documentation that comes with the car stereo. does it have a reset or a means to "forget" a pairing?
  5. Valiceemo

    Valiceemo Guest
    Thread Starter

    its not for the car headunit, its for a bluetooth audio streaming. (plugs into aux on headunit)

    the documentation with the BT device states only 1 pairing needed!?
    Ill have a play, but i think its from the phone side, ill maybe try with BT headset, see how that behaves.

    FYI im on stock ROM, unrooted, carrier is EE in the UK.
  6. Boopolo

    Boopolo Member

    i have a bluetooth speaker which i tend to leave on and auto connect when i get home but this G2 doesnt auto connect when i get home.
  7. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    Maybe an app like Bluetooth Auto Connect might help.

    My phone auto-connects with my car stereo but it doesn't with an A2DP receiver I have. I don't think all BT devices are created equal in this regard.
  8. jwbwd2

    jwbwd2 Member

    I connect my G2 to my car's stock stereo. It is really hit and miss if it auto connects or not. My previous phone (1st gen Droid Razr) NEVER had a problem auto connecting. I think it is something in the G2. I posted on another thread about having trouble with voice dialing while I was connected to the same stereo via bluetooth. Again the Razr worked PERFECTLY but the G2 will NOT recognize a spoken name. I'm not sure what is up with the G2 bluetooth but I think it is lacking.
  9. twotone1985

    twotone1985 Newbie

    I had this problem a couple weeks ago. I found out that there was a limit of 5 BT devices that could connect to my stereo, with 4 of the 5 being able to auto-connect. The 5th wouldn't auto-connect so that I always had a space open to connect whatever I wanted at the time. When the car turned off, it deleted the BT settings of it. I had to go into the settings of the stereo and delete my 4 previous devices (all phones that I used prior to my G2). Hopefully this helps.
  10. jwbwd2

    jwbwd2 Member

    For me personally, my phone is the only one saved to the stereo. I have tryed to delete it and reconnect to no avail.
  11. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    Try performing a reset on the car stereo. Make your phone discoverable. Repair.
  12. Valiceemo

    Valiceemo Guest
    Thread Starter

  13. jwbwd2

    jwbwd2 Member

    My battery died in my car the other day which caused the stereo to reset. I am still having the same issues.
  14. jwbwd2

    jwbwd2 Member

    The worst part is that I have searched through just about every Android forum on the internet and I just cannot find a solution to this bluetooth problem. Yesterday I tried to connect to my (bought summer of last year) home stereo system. I could not connect to that at all. Another device in the house successfully connected to it and my old phone connected no problem. I think I must have angered the bluetooth gods...
  15. stef7

    stef7 Android Expert

    Did you try disconnecting / unpairing with the non-phone device, then attempt a repair with the home stereo?
  16. jwbwd2

    jwbwd2 Member

    It was never paired to begin with. The stereo does not "save" the pairing information. It is a very simple system, it is actually more like a sound bar with a head unit.
  17. powell

    powell Well-Known Member

    I had similar problems with my BT speaker and LG G2. I could not establish the connection automatically, until I realized, that the sequence of turning on the BT matters.
    If I turn on BT in my phone first, then in the speaker, connection is established with no problems.
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  18. jwbwd2

    jwbwd2 Member

    I will try this in my car and with the stereo. I have not paid attention to the order in which I am activating the bluetooth.

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