Auto Correct capitalizing words mid sentence

When typing on my Droid, i use the auto-correct a lot. I've noticed since 2.1 that when typing auto-correct still works, but it seems to capitalize a lot of words mid sentence...for instance if I type 'foing' it corrects it to 'Going' and not 'going' even though its in the middle of the sentence. 'going' is in the list to choose from, but not the default selection...

Anyone else seeing this type of stuff?
same issue here try going into your "user dictionary" some of the words that were doing it for me were in there as capitalized and i changed them but it still does it with other words


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finally someone else brings up the issue...happened to me after 2.1 too. Really annoys me. I try deleting them and changing them but they just come back
It happens to me too. I delete all the words out of the user dictionary and an hour later they are back. I wish I knew how I keep adding those words to the user dictionary.


I have the same problem. It capitalizes words like You, When, Went, Where Your, etc. The capitalized words are in your User Dictionary. You can go in a delete them but they just add themselves back in within a day or two.

Anyone have any solutions?


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Oh wow! I thought it was just me!

I had the same problem. Went into the user dictionary (mine seemed to be pronouns only: he, she, you, etc.) and deleted them. I haven't had the problem since. Its been at least a week or more since I did this.

FWIW, I bought my droid with 2.1 on it and the problem started at the beginning of June-ish.