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Auto reply

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by phildelt178, May 19, 2011.

  1. phildelt178

    phildelt178 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just downloaded tasker and have been messing around with the ridiculous amounts of features but don't really know how to auto reply. I made a widget called sleeping and i want my phone to auto reply back to someone that has texted me while the widget is active. Basically, I dont know how to tell tasker to auto reply to a variable phone number :thinking:

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  2. phildelt178

    phildelt178 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    so far i've got

    the widget:
    name: %WIDGET
    value: 1
    wrap: 2
    this means it starts at zero, adds 1 every time clicked, and returns to 0 when it reaches 2

    first context:
    variable set: %WIDGET
    value: 1
    (when the widget equals 1)

    second context:
    unread text

    i think here is where im going to have to make adjustments:
    send sms
    to the number: ????
    with the text: bla bla bla whatever bla
  3. barqers

    barqers Android Expert

    Hm, mine might be a little complex but this is my setup for nighttime:
    Code (Text):
    2. Context 1: (widget)
    3. if %NIGHT is set
    4.      Wifi set on
    5.      variable clear %LAST
    6.      variable clear %NIGHT
    7.      silent mode off
    8.      say "Good morning!"
    9.      mobile data ON
    10.      stop
    11. end if
    12. ****the below will run if %NIGHT is not set, and hence will ACTIVATE %NIGHT****
    13. Silent mode off
    14. variable set %NIGHT to 1
    15. variable set %LAST to 1
    16. say "Goodnight!"
    17. silent mode ON
    18. media volume 0
    19. mobile data OFF
    20. wifi OFF
    22. Context 2: NightSMS
    23. Event->received text
    24. variable value -> %NIGHT = 1
    25. if %SMSRF > 100000000 (to make sure that facebook notifications don't receive an autoreply)
    26.      if %SMSRF != %LAST (so it only sends to that # once if he texts 5 times in a row)
    27.           variable set %LAST = %SMSRF
    28.           Send SMS, number=%SMSRF, message="sleeping! I'll reply when I'm up!"
    29.      end if
    30. end if
    32. Context 3: NightCALL
    33. event->phone ringing
    34. variable value->%NIGHT = 1
    35. end call
    Basically it looks more complicated than it is, and i've slowly built it up to that, before it was a lot simpler, but a lot more annoying for people texting me lol.

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