Help Auto-rotation issues?


Hi all
Just got my hands on the SGS and I am really liking it... there is, however, one question... does anyone here experience issues with auto-rotation? For me - sometimes it works - sometimes it doesn't - and I find myself shaking the device to make it work (again - sometimes)... how does this sit with you? Does it ring a bell, or do I have a bad device?


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Not having this problem on my side. Although it can take some times (this happens randomly and not very often) to work.

I read here and there that the latest "official" Samsung firmware releases that are "unofficially" made available on some web sites are fixing almost all lag issues (Froyo version is also available through these means).
I haven't tried this solution myself.
It wont work on home screen, so if you are typing in the search box widget on the home screen and want to rotate to increase the keyboard size it wont work. Pretty irritating but thats the only time I have had it not work, this is a limitation with the os I believe not unique to this phone.


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I was referring to eg. browsing and using the gallery app. I will take the device to the vendor and let them have a look. Thanks for your feedback!
I don't have this problem before but after upgrading the android operating system 2.2 to my SGS. I installed through Samsung Kies but after it has this problem many times. If i go to *#0*# testing mode and select testing sensors then auto rotate is working great. But in google and other many navigation softwares it is not working good now even without installing any third party softwares.
I don't know this happened after upgrading from 2.1 to 2.2. Even I do factory reset twice a times also. But this problem is not solved.


I've turned auto-rotation OFF on my phone. Found it annoying when I'm browsing the internet while lying horizontal in bed, as I always prefer to browse in portrait mode.