Apr 24, 2012
Hi all there!, im new here.... ijust ended up here, just because i started to look a solution to mi problem.
Yesterday, i installed the update of Android, on my iconia tab a100, i think the new version 4.0.3.

When i restarted the tablet, i was amazed, by the graphics, and other cool stuff.
BUTTTTT, when i putted my device, into sleeping mode, by hitting the power button. When i got it again to work a little, it was absoluttelly shuteddown, ans the battery was full!. More sorprises came to me, when i pressed the power button, and it didnt responsed at all. It was like dead.
Then i realised that, by pressing the power button for longer time than normal, and little to the right side of the button (if you look at the button from the front), it will power up....

This is really something new to me, with the previous version of android, ihad never have this problem.

Is there someone else having this issue??????:eek:

Any suggestions?:eek:

Thanks for reading, adn giving back something!

Bye!, Ra.:hello:
Are you finding your battery has just died?

My battery won't last a full day even with limited use it seems after the ICS update. It drains itself dry while in sleep mode overnight even when fully charged.
Hey Kalgus, finnaly someone give feedback....
Look, yes the battery also drains in sleep mode.
But Im having a bigger issue, that while being in sleep mode, maybe after 3 or 4 hours of sleep, the tablet shutsdown itself. And when i want to wake her up, i have to press the power button several times, till it finally comes up, with a bunch of battery drained too.
This ICS, or Android 4, really sucks. I have never had an issue in the previous version.

Hope, android or acer give an answer, in acer support, they only said, do a hard reset, do a factory reset, loosing all my stuff, but the issue still there.
They do not know shit.
I dont no hoe they can release a new version of OS, without testing it before.

Thanks Kalgus.
try asking your question on the Q and A at bestbuy.com I got an answer there to a question relatively fast
Best I can figure out in both 3 and 4.0 a touch on the power button just turns off the display which uses most of the power. When I want to really power down I hold the power button until I get a message "Power off?". Answering yes will put the A100 to sleep and save power. From the power off, you have to hold the power button on for 5-10 seconds until you get a 'buzz' and it starts to boot up.
I'm having exactly the same issue. It USED to be that a short tap on power only went into sleep mode,
while a long hold on power asked if I wanted to power down.
NOW a short tap on power shuts all the way down. It started suddenly, and won't stop.
If you find an answer, please post here and I will do the same. Thanks!
Download a free app called Softlocker Free. It fixed this issue for me - now a quick press on power turns off the screen, and another brings it back. Please let me now if it works for you.
It's best to perform the Factory data reset after upgrading from HC to ICS. You should also be careful when reloading apps after the reset. Problems like this are often caused by apps. There have been cases of this being caused by using sync for email. I leave sync turned off most of the time, and only refresh email manually when I run the email apps. This reduces use of the network during sleep, which also reduces background battery drain. This has also been fixed for some by replacing the main board, so there may hardware timing issues in some cases.