Jan 12, 2016
Hello everyone,

I just made a small script which backs up my full SD card and puts it in a folder with date and time as naming. Now I would like to make the script automatically run when I connect my phone to windows. I tried to do it with the windows task scheduler but couldn't find the right event. I downloaded some other programs and went over a couple of other threads, but nothing worked out, so now I'm here, asking you guys :)
I have PDANet installed, and this recognizes my phone when I plug it in, and shows a popup: Device attached, click here to connect PDANet. This means that there is some way for an application to see the phone plugged in besides the windows explorer. So if PDANet can show a pop-up when I plug the phone in, then I must be able to automatically open a batch file, right? I've attached my script if that helps any, or someone just wants a script for backing up their phone.


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