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aux and bluetooth.. this works

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thepervster, Aug 16, 2012.

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    For anyone that has a car stereo with a usb and auxillary plug I got this one and it works perfect i leave it plugged in (Power to stereo all the time from fuse box) it connects to my plantronics voyager pro hd (headset) and my bluetooth dongle connected to my kenwood stereo with usb (for power) and plugged into 3.5 aux jack (the cord that comes with it is only maybe 4 inches so this is great you don't have that long annoying cord). As soon as i turn bluetooth on in the phone while i am in the kenworth it auto connects to both.
    i have profile for voyager pro set to audio only and have the dongle set to media only. music plays nice and clear then when call comes in stereo mutes and call is routed to headset (no echoes and clear) when disconnected from call music starts again.
    Been reading about this and have seen people returning their phones because of this so hope it helps anyone.

    USB Bluetooth 3.5mm Stereo Audio Music Receiver Adapter for Speaker iPhone Mp3 | eBay

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