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[Avail] AreaRom EASY root n' rom!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cwwilson721, Jan 1, 2013.

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    VERY FIRST AreaRom RELEASE for the ZTE-Z990 Phones!
    THE AREAROM way to take your Z990 from Box-fresh to rooted n' rockin!

    EASY 2 file method. 5 minutes, and your phone will be rooted, have a AreaRom Branded CWM installed, and latest 'under the hood' improvements.

    ROM Features:

    Based on latest GB release
    Rooted! No need for adb or any other procedure
    APN for StraightTalk added to standard AT&T APNs (May need to add your own APN for your data to work. Google is your friend)
    'Big Data' standard (/data is as big as your sd-ext partition on your sdcard, if you choose to partition it. If not, will still work)
    ext4 and swap file system supported in ROM and kernel (kernel already in ROM)
    PERMANENT AreaRom made CWM 5 Recovery automatically installed for you
    De-odexed ROM (programs load faster)
    Root Browser Lite already installed
    Quick Boot already installed
    ICS Camera installed
    Many other features!

    Works with or without partitioning your sdcard. (If you DO partition, though, your /data partition will be as large as the sd-ext you create)

    Note: CWM limits restore to 2GB..But, 2GB is PLENTY of room

    NOTE: If you use a sd-ext partition, DO NOT USE LINK2SD OR ANY APP TO MOVE PROGRAMS! It already moves them...
    IF your sdcard fails, or you remove the sdcard, you will lose all programs and everything stored in /data



    Download both files below. Preferred way is via computer, then copy files to the sdcard (NOT in a folder)

    Rename AreaRom-cwm-update.zip to just "update.zip".

    Boot your phone into Recovery.

    Select "Flash update.zip" or, if some Merits, select "Factory restore" option (or something close to it), and press the BACK button

    When the temporary CWM comes up, select "wipe data/factory reset", press HOME
    Select "install zip from sdcard", and press HOME
    Select "choose zip from sdcard", press HOME
    Select "AreaRom-Z990-2.2.0.zip", press HOME

    When done flashing, select "Advanced", then "Reboot Recovery", press HOME
    When CWM reboots, you can either "Reboot system now", or, you can partition the sdcard.

    To partition, select "advanced" (NOTE: Partitioning erases all data on SDCARD...Make backups)
    Select "Partition Sdcard"
    Select any size you want for sd-ext (Recommend 2048 or less, or CWM has issues restoring backups to the sd-ext)
    Any size for swap (If adding swap partition, you need an app like Swapper2 from the Play Store to use)

    When done partitioning, select "Reboot system now"

    FIRST BOOT MAY TAKE AWHILE! 5-10 minutes, possibly!



    Can ONLY get from AndroidArea51!

    AreaRom RELEASE for Z990 - Android Area51


    Please leave comments at AndroidArea51!

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