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[Avail] [NEW] System Recovery Utility, TouchNav v.1.3 [RECOVERY SYSTEM]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stayboogy, Jan 14, 2013.

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    System Recovery Utility

    TouchNav v1.3

    (both ext3 and fat/fat32 editions available)

    (works on the ZTE Merit Z990G as well)

    This has been totally reworked from source to provide you with the best, simplest, and most efficient system recovery utility you will ever need!

    TouchNav v.1.3 (ext3)

    TouchNav v1.3 update (ext3)

    TouchNav v1.3 (fat/fat32)

    TouchNav v1.3 update (fat/fat32)



    no more navigating redundant menus

    perform all your most common tasks directly from the main menu--wipe userdata, wipe /cache and now wipe dalvik-cache

    signature and assert verification off by default with no toggle--install signed and unsigned zips without any hassle

    recovery reboot, device reboot, and power off from the main menu

    install a zip directly from the main menu regardless of its name

    all mounting and formatting options still intact--with usb mounting

    adb access in recovery

    with all new on-screen, touch style navigation to save your hardware buttons--buttons still function as well

    with functional toggle display after 3 menu wraps with the ability to select items by touch and menu key

    A totally new and efficient recovery menu and function design for every user!!!
    Don't you think it's time for a change???


    permanently flash from stock recovery by renaming .zip to "update.zip"
    permanently flash from cwm recovery as is
    flash using terminal / adb method


    SteamMod Recovery




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