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[Avail] [ROM] Ice Cream Scamwich 2.0! 3/17

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by out of ideas, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. out of ideas

    out of ideas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Welcome to Ice Cream Scamwich v2.0. Heavily improved from the last release. Implemented a bunch of ICS/CM7 functions, and this thing is a long ways from its original gingerbread home.

    I thought you all might enjoy some new stuff. Totally stable and fit your everyday use.

    This currently does not change your kernel. This means if you are overclocked, then you stay overclocked. If you have stock then you stay stock.

    This ROM is/has
    • Built off Stock (my Deodexed ROM)
    • ROOTED
    • Deodexed
    • Zip-Aligned
    • Init.d Support
    • Some build.prop tweaks, other random things
    • Full ICS themed(More Added-fonts, progress bar, sliders, etc.)
    • Superuser
    • Es File Explorer
    • Dolphin Browser
    Updates- 2.0

    • Lidroid Toggles (14 panel control widget-wifi,gps,data,bt,lockscreen,airplane, etc)*
    • More ICS-like popups.
    • RE-Re-redid Settings (looks, added battery)
    • Added ICScamwich settings section with Quickpanel settings, No frills CPU control, and ICS lockscreen options
    • Changed around the checkbox look
    • updated QuickPic(somehow they made it faster)
    • other stuff
    • ICS camera stock (WORKING panorama)

    Updates- 1.5

    • Swipe To Remove Notifications
    • Transparency
    • Rebuilt Settings
    • JB Date and Time in status bar
    • ICS themed MIUI Music (now the phone doesnt sound like junk at over half volume
    • MIUI Camera
    • all branding removed

    DOWNLOAD HERE ----- version 2.0

    *Toggle Tips-You can set which ones you want , and the order from Quickpanel settings.
    FLASHLIGHT DOES NOT WORK- our phone doesnt have one, so this will FC your status bar, then it will pop back up in a few seconds.
    Screen Timeout-works, but FC status bar during the switch. I just take both of these out of my panels.

    Not so old older versions



    THESE IS AN OLD VERSION AND IS CWM BACKUP, not update. I should just remove it, but i got a ton of room on mediafire, so itll stay.

    IceCreamDreamOC.zip OVERCLOCKED Version.
    (Uses anthony's kernel - http://androidforums.com/avail-all-...el-kernel1-0-update-apr-7-11-33-released.html ) Thanks man. Where'd ya go?

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS IN CWM , or Touchnav, or TWRP if we end up getting it
    Download IceCreamScamwichv2.zip
    Navigate to your recovery (vol up+Menu plus Power On.)
    MAKE A BACKUP!!! BAKCUP WHAT YOU GOT. just in case. always make backups before you flash anything, as a good rule of thumb.
    Wipe your dalvik cache, and the cache.
    (optional- wipe DATA. You dont need to , but it may not be perfect, so...)
    Select "Install Zip from Sdcard"
    Chose IceCreamScamwichv2.zip.
    let it do its thing.

    Ive included some apps from the Stock merit (live wallpaper,etc). Ive installed wallpapers, books and a couple others. Anything not here you can get at the play store.

    This is NOT CWM flashable. download it, unzip and put the apps you want on your sdcard. Some apps have to be copied to system/app and some can be simply installed by long pressing in the file explorer. You can figure it out(wallpaper had to be on /app)

    download here StockappsMERIT.zip

    if you want the stock task manager- TaskManager.apk

    WARNING-IF YOUR PHONE BREAKS I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE. Nor is anyone at this site. This stuffs worked for hundreds of people, so you shouldn't worry about that, but i didnt break it. enjoy :D.

    THANKS TO !!

    Lidroid- For the toggles. You sir are genius
    Hansip87- Swipe to Remove notifications
    balamu96m- Settings redesign
    Bloodawn- Porting Lidroid to the ZTE warp, which gave me a good base idea. Also might have ganked some pngs now that I look at it.
    EVERYONE who posts guides, tutorials, how-tos, etc. You guys rock and this wouldnt have happened if you didnt decide to be hlepful and share knowledge. So Thanks
    (..some more I gotta dig up).

    If you feel like buying me a coffee to keep chugging along with this dev stuff, it'd be much appreciated.

    Paypal Donation


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  2. adambarrios

    adambarrios Lurker

    i've tried to flash this rom several times and it just hangs on the AT&T logo and never goes beyond that. the v.1 rom was only around 50 megs anyway so was the complete rom not uploaded? i also tried the OC version and it aborts everytime. any help would be appreciated.
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  3. out of ideas

    out of ideas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The OC one has to be unzipped, then that folder put into /sdcard/clockworkmod/backups/. Not flashed.

    what recovery are you trying to use and what is your current setup? if you are using stock recovery did you rename this to update.zip and click "apply sdcard update"?
  4. adambarrios

    adambarrios Lurker

    yeah reading is fundamental. i missed that part about it being a CWM backup. no i have it working but the only problem i'm having now is that i can't seem to get the cronmod script to work anymore to expand my internal memory onto a partition on my sd card. i would really like to get that working. still trying
  5. zajchik

    zajchik Member

    Why this rom is only 49.28mb? Until now, they were all over 80mb and more. Do you need to unpack (no OC)?
    Do you think it will work on the European roamer, or do we wait for the European version. If it be (I hope so)? I will definitely try this as soon as I can, within the next week.
    Congratulations on your success, I'm glad that we finally get ICS, and we now have more ICS roms.:congrats:
    And finally thank you very, very much, a lot of the hard work.:congrats:
  6. Motorhead1991

    Motorhead1991 Android Expert

    It's not true ICS, but it is really close. This ROM is about as close as the Z990 will get until we can build a kernel that's compatible with ICS.
  7. zajchik

    zajchik Member

    Oh, the wait continues :( . I cheer for you
    guys, I hope you will soon be the kernel, so
    we have a purebred ICS.
  8. Luchi

    Luchi Lurker

    adambarrios, please, let us know when you sucessfully get to expand internal memory to an partition of the sd card like you mentioned, in my opinion, this script is the only thing I think is missing in this awesome ROM. Btw, thanks out of ideas for the ICS feeling!
  9. out of ideas

    out of ideas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    oh ok good. I managed to recreate the "rethink possible" stuck problem. i downloaded one.three and tried to install over that and get caught there. im thinking i need to add a boot.img for you guys.

    Question-can you install the scamwichv1 zip on top of the CWM backup and have it work?(load the backup, then flash .zip) that would help narrow it down.

    I should have it sorted by morning.

    LUCHI- Thanks. did you manage to install this on avail or merit?

    Edit-its a smaller file becuase I inadvertently set the compression level higher. still installs fine over merit.
  10. mikec628

    mikec628 Member

    I just tryed to load it. Stuck at the att. Im on the att avail. Its a no load for me.
  11. mikec628

    mikec628 Member

    Just tryed to go back to CWM and reinstall last rom. I was not able too. I hit the reset button next to the camera then was able to get in to CWM. I reinstalled last rom, and its like boot looping. I tryed to install a rom I had on the sd card same thing. Now its like the battery is dead and I cant do any thing. Trying to charge the batt and see.
  12. Luchi

    Luchi Lurker

    I am on Avail
  13. out of ideas

    out of ideas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    mike-why the reset button? I usually just pull battery and put it back in then go to cwm. Is it bootlooping the att screen or the ics panels? Do nandroid CWM backups still install fine? luchi-good. The install from zip version right? what steps did you take. still trying to narrow this oddness down.
  14. mikec628

    mikec628 Member

    It killed my batt. Dont know what happened or if it was a bad download. I did pull the batt. It would only power up as long as i had it pluged in. I ended up haveing to do a T-card flash. But its fresh as can be now. In the batt stat, It showed as a full charged batt then down to 0 when I flashed your rom. It didnt show it as charging also. But all is good now. You just cant kill this little phone...
  15. theloon

    theloon Lurker

    Same thing here. ATT z990, CWM6, tried 3 times for luck but no joy, hangs on ATT screen.
  16. out of ideas

    out of ideas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Got it working. I'll see if i can get it up tonight, but ive already changed a few other things, and am in the middle of other changes so it might wait till the weekend.
  17. Adrock74

    Adrock74 Lurker

    I get md5 mismatch when trying to restore unzipped file with cwm. Any ideas???
  18. erre_c

    erre_c Newbie

  19. erre_c

    erre_c Newbie

    IceCreamDreamOC.zip New OVERCLOCKED Version. INSTALLATION ABORTED???????
  20. erre_c

    erre_c Newbie

    todo bien...ya sta solucionado todo tanks :D
  21. out of ideas

    out of ideas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    probably bad download. OR use 7-zip to zip/unzip files when dealing with android.


    glad you got it working.
  22. theloon

    theloon Lurker

    Installed CWM6 found on this site on a stock T card flash (ATT Avail).
    Downloaded IceCreamDreamOC.zip and unzipped using winrar then copied to the /sdcard/clockworkmod/backups as instructed in post #3.
    did the restore after partitioning and all installed just fine.
    Rom is fast and updated looking the only thing I've noticed in this short time is the confirmation selections text is grey and almost matches their background.
  23. out of ideas

    out of ideas Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I installed this over an avail rom, and it worked fine. i added some important things for you guys to have. Make sure to do some wipes and BE PATIENT!. i almost gave up because it sat on the att screen for about 5 minutes. But then it kicked onto my ICS boot and loaded up fine. Did some more tweaks and such too.

    Thanks. i suggest trying the 1.5 version. lots of theme changes from that version.
  24. mikec628

    mikec628 Member

    KODO mazda enginners term for (soul in motion). I have to say this is the best designed rom we have for this phone. I can tell you have really put some time in to this. The bar has been set very high now and I would like to put out a challenge for all the other devs of our phone. BUT with that said, This rom on my phone has the Lonzo effect. Its haunted. After shutting it down for the night, it restarts on its on about 3 to 5 mins later. I had the same problem with Jamies last rom also. I do like this rom other then that. Great work

    Also Im haveing a problem with playstore. When I go to search at the top of the page, I get a Force Close. I have to down load apps from my pc.
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  25. Luchi

    Luchi Lurker

    I am having the same problem as mikec628 mentioned.
    Clearing google play's data and cache didn't solve the problem, neither uninstalling and installing the app again.

    EDIT- forgot to say that I agree that the bar were set higher, get astonished every time with the level of details enhanced! impressive work!
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