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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by karnka, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. karnka

    karnka Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I'm debating what my replacement for my Galaxy S should be. I'm debating a few phones including the Desire Z. I however like to have a good play with a phone before I buy.

    I'm aware in theory the Desire Z may be available online in the next couple of weeks, however does anyone know when anyone like P4U/CPW/one of the networks is likely to have them in store?

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  2. williamj1

    williamj1 Android Enthusiast

    Towards the end of October or the beginning of November. Most places like amazon / play / expansys are shipping roughly sometime between the 30th - 2nd. CPW have said 29th october for the new ones but apparently that's vodafone only atm.

    Other networks like O2 and tmobile haven't even confirmed if they will get them.
    3 UK are getting them instore on the 29th too. Vodafone appear to have already shipped some... so they should be in stock in store.
  3. Menddles

    Menddles Guest

    I already made a thread about cpw, they say 29th if you pre order. Don't know when they'll get in store but its only on Vodafone atm.
  4. I went in to my local Phones 4 U yesterday. They had sold out of their initial HD stock and were expecting to have the Z for sale on Saturday. Personally I've ordered from buymobilephones.net.
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  5. LickTheEnvelope

    LickTheEnvelope Well-Known Member

  6. faugusztin

    faugusztin Member

    Considering how bad they handle the launch in Europe (delay after delay after delay, right now Amazon says 8th November even for such old preorder like mine, i preordered on 24-25th September, Expansys puts on their page random dates or numbers, the rest is in same boat too), i don't think you see the Canadian version anytime soon.
  7. meadway

    meadway Newbie

    I'm in the same position, having ordered a sim-free Z at the beginning of October. First mid-October, then 25th, then 2 November, now the 9th. Anyone any idea why?
  8. MartinS

    MartinS Android Expert

    The CPW near me has them on display. I thought about having a look when I took my Desire HD back...
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  9. karnka

    karnka Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, might see if I can have a look at lunch time.
  10. LickTheEnvelope

    LickTheEnvelope Well-Known Member


    Shipments appear to be on time.

    I will phone around later to check.
  11. cloakster

    cloakster Newbie

    All the rumours have said that Nov 3 will be the release date from Bell, but its only 2 days from then and Bell still hasn't officially put out any date. Im confused, is Bell still gonna start selling them on Nov 3?
  12. LickTheEnvelope

    LickTheEnvelope Well-Known Member

    I called two Bell dealers by me and got good news and confusion.

    1. They both said they did not know if they would have the HTC Desire Z for launch on Wednesday but both said they have heard nothing about delays at all.

    2. Neither has had a call regarding the device yet, which should bode well for finding one when they do launch. Both said they receive ridiculous amounts of calls for the Iphone 4, but none for HTC Desire Z. :) Good for me.
  13. For those in the UK, Phones 4U phoned me said they will have stock in tomorrow. Buymobilephones.net (that I ordered from) also sent me a message to say they are receiving stock tomorrow and all pre-orders should be covered. Looks like Thursday is the day the retails get their handsets!
  14. Brendanmurphy

    Brendanmurphy Android Enthusiast

    Bell version of the Desire Z is available as of today
  15. Bfalcon

    Bfalcon Lurker

    I'm holding mine in my hand right now...typing with my right hand ;)...and it's beautiful!
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  16. tibidt

    tibidt Lurker

    Hi ,

    how does the phone feel. isn't it a little too big ?
    i have had the first desire and i was ok with that, but this one is a little thicker and heavier .....
    how is the construction ? unibody aluminium like the legend ?

  17. karnka

    karnka Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Thicker and heavier as it's got a hardware keyboard. No, it's not unibody.
  18. meadway

    meadway Newbie

    Latest (Nov 5) from Amazon. One page of the .UK website said it was shipping Nov 5. Another page said it was out of stock. My account said it was shipping 5-6 Nov. Yet another page said "we will tell you a single date we are going to ship". eXpansys has it in stock and cheaper than Amazon so there I've gone. In future I shall keep Amazon for buying cheap paperbacks. It almost seems they publish "release" dates solely to spoil the opposition
  19. karnka

    karnka Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Clove and expansys have them in stock. I have a friend who had one despatched yesterday. Now, to cancel my delayed desire HD order for one of these or not....
  20. ArthurIhde

    ArthurIhde Well-Known Member

    ok i will check it soon [​IMG]
  21. Menddles

    Menddles Guest

    They have them in Carphone Warehouse as of this week, they are pretty low on stock though. I don't think they are ordering alot in but mine comes on Monday ^_^

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