Help Avant Notifications Keeping Display on Continuous


I rely on my phone for the alarm clock every morning. I keep the phone plugged in at night when I am at home. I recently spent the weekend away from home without an outlet next to the bed.

When I woke up in the middle of the night, I noticed my display was lit and my battery was critically low. I had received an email notification and a text in the night and I think the notification turned the display on and it never timed out and turned off. I also have an annoying Google Gallery sign-in request notification that seems to turn the display on and keep it on. I had to turn the phone off and could not use it for the alarm clock feature.

Now that I am paying attention to it, I've noticed that the display is coming on and staying on when the battery becomes fully charged when I leave the phone plugged in all night.

Is there some setting I haven't found that will make the notification time out so the display turns itself off? I have looked in the Gmail and Messaging apps for a setting and I've looked in the Settings menu but can't find a solution,

Any ideas?