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Avenged Sevenfold - Metamorph theme - Citrus

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SK83RJOSH, May 15, 2011.

  1. SK83RJOSH

    SK83RJOSH Lurker
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    Avenged Sevenfold - Grey V1.8
    Hey, I've decided to make myself a custom theme. It works with the stock ROM of the citrus, if you need it on something else, contact me I guess.


    • Android 2.1(Updated) - This is just incase, though it should be working on any CITRUS ROMs.
    • Must be Rooted (Required To Even Use Metamorph.)

    Theme ZIP:http://www.sk83rsplace.com/Images/Android/avenged.zip
    Background: http://www.sk83rsplace.com/Images/Android/Background3.jpg
    --Feel Free To Upload Mirrors--

    Screen shots


    1. Download Metamorph (From The Market Place)
    2. Put The Background on your SD Card(Optional)
    3. Put The Zip file On you SD Card (Link Above)
    4. Open Metamorph, do required checks,then tap Unzip/Extract theme, then navigate to where you placed the zip file.
    5. Hit apply All, when prompted hit continue/yes/whatever.
    6. Once the theme is installed, set the background on your phone (Optional)
    7. Enjoy, Make sure to Nand back up if your the type who is worrisome.

    Will Continue to update this, or not, depends on feedback?​

    Disclaimer - I'm not responsible for damage done to your phone if there's an installation error!

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  2. jguffey2841

    jguffey2841 Lurker

    Thanks sk83rjosh! First post ever so bare with me! Being a long time lurker & had my D-1 rooted for about a year or so now I'm familiar with flashing roms, kernels ect. Running some scripts but minimal terminal experience or adb shell exp. Also more specifically nandroid back-ups which I would love to create on my girls moto-citrus that I have recently rooted but I have been unsuccesful establishing recovery with clockworkmod? Strangely enough I've not used metemorph not sure of how strong a need to back up prior? Have backed up all apps & system data in titanium at least & usinr root explorer de-bloated the device! Also have set-cpu installed but still no recovery:( maybe a sbf to push using adb? Either way thanks for plunging the citrus forward bro!

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