Help Average RAM Use


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I am averaging around 275 MB used just at startup.

Which only leaves me about 90 MB free.

Then as I use applications it seems to go down further and that is when the phone starts getting sluggish.

I am just curious what other people are seeing.

I wish that there was a Custom ROM that was just a Vanilla Android OS. Any suggestions on which is closest. I do not need all this added Motorola Software.


I usually hang out around 90-100 after using it (not right after a reboot) for a while. The only lag I ever notice is if I have opened a lot of web pages, that does give me trouble. OK, trouble like I have to wait a second before my launcher re-loads. Coming from an OG Droid it's still damn fast. lol.
What do you have running? Tons of widgets always updating is going to slow you down.


Cm7 alpha (a lot works, 1 or 2 unstable things but they have workarounds) gave me 140-190 MB free, with my task killer going, a lot more responsive over stock and blur.


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What does not work in Cyanogen? Are there other ROM suggestions for a simple stock system? I think that I will be flashing something different this week.