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Aviation APP

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by SteveDexter, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. SteveDexter

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    Jul 23, 2010

    Jul 23, 2010
    Hello together,

    I have developed two apps for the aviation.

    One is a aviation weather app with (Metar / Snowtam) Decoder and the other one is an IATA / ICAO Dicitionary for airport, airlines and aircraft.

    A more detailed description you will find below.

    For questions and suggestions please mail me. SteveDexter58(at)gmail.com


    "Aviation Weather with Decoder"

    An easy way to receive metar and TAF reports from NOAA. As input you can use a code (ICAO / IATA), an airportname or a city.

    The metar decoder decodes also the remark section of the metar report.

    Two sizes of widgtes are avialable with two update schedules

    - more than one weather report at once
    - input by ICAO / IATA, airportname or city
    - show most of the aiport in google maps
    - metar decoder
    - save previous retrievals as your preferences
    - change textcolor, textsize and textfont of most of the pages
    - two widget with two different update rates
    - Snowtam Decoder

    "IATA / ICAO Dictionary"

    This app is an offline database for IATA / ICAO airport, airline, aircraft, delay codes and aircraft registration codes.
    The airport database provides:
    - Name
    - Elevation
    - Latitude and Longitude coordinates,
    - timezone,
    - runway and communication information (not every airport)
    - Metar / TAF reports (not every airport)
    - google map (not every airport)
    - sunrise / set caluclation
    - find other aiport in the vicinity of the selected airport or from your present position (GPS required)
    - caluclate the distance to the selected airport (GPS required)

    The airline database provides:
    - Name
    - Country
    - Callsign
    - picture of the airline with airliners.net

    The aircraft database provides:
    - Company
    - Type
    - wake category
    - picture of the aircraft with airliners.net

    Other functions are:
    AC registrations; selection by
    - country - registration
    - registration - country

    Delay codes

    general aviation abbreviations

    gimmick game


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