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Awake Time Issues Persisting (and making me crazy)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Traviswf, May 28, 2010.

  1. Traviswf

    Traviswf Member
    Thread Starter

    So I thought my awake time issues were fixed. I haven't installed any new apps, and suddenly, I can't get my phone to sleep and my battery is draining fast. I'm at 60% in three hours, and I've made no phone calls and done very little else with the phone.

    This issue seems to be a constant. I had it with 1.5, and every time I'd fix it - it would come back. I've now had it with 2.1 - and when I thought it was licked - it's come back.

    Here's my issue with this - this phone seems to be too much work. Sorting out the problems, fixing them, flashing the phone, uninstalling apps one at a time. I don't have time to do the work to make the phone work the way it is supposed to. When it works, I'm satisfied - but at this point - I'm not confident the phone will EVER work the way it is supposed to work.

    Is anyone else having this issue persistently? I barely have any apps installed, I don't have a task killer - and I'm using Seidio's extended life battery. And I'm still at 60% just after lunch time.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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  2. darodiho

    darodiho Lurker

    if it was staying awake the awake percentage will keep increasing every time you check. If it starts decreasing every time you check then it means it's sleeping correctly. try this, do a soft reset, after it comes back on go to about phone, battery status. take note of awake time. then just press the power button to turn off screen, wait like 5 minutes and turn on screen, if the awake time is the same as what your wrote down, then it's sleeping correctly
  3. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Do this and let us know.

    It could be other issues such as time without signal that is killing your battery.
  4. Traviswf

    Traviswf Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I probably wasn't clear in my first post. My issue was not how to check awake time - this I know how to do. My issue was that it was the exact same all day long, even with soft resets.

    I just hard reset my phone (again) - and this time installed the official Rom from Sprint, rather than the leaked one. I know they're the exact same - but it's pretty much my only option.

    I'm essentially expecting the same thing I've had since I've owned the phone. It'll work well for about a week, then problems will start to arise again - until ultimately it won't sleep anymore and the battery dies in six hours.

    If anyone is wondering, here's what I had installed at the time the phone stopped sleeping:

    Facebook update
    Google Maps update
    HTC Battery widget
    HTC Notes widget
    Documents to Go
    Google Listen
    MyBackup Pro
  5. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Have you tried using Spare Parts to see what's keeping your phone awake?
  6. Traviswf

    Traviswf Member
    Thread Starter

    I did use Spare Parts, but there wasn't a program listed as keeping the phone awake. There actually wasn't ANY program listed with a full blue bar, and the one that had the most was Android System. To me, looking at Spare Parts, it looked as though my phone was sleeping. However, in the listing under "

    I've hard reset the phone again, and this time installed the official Sprint rom, instead of the leak. In less than 24 hours, it was at 100% awake again.

    So - I hard reset the phone. This is (I think) around the 7th hard reset of the phone to try and solve this (and various other) issue.

    Now, after installing the official Rom, I update Google Maps. However, when I tried using that app - it crashed and rebooted my phone. I BELIEVE I experienced this app crashing shortly before the first time I experienced 100% awake on the leaked rom as well. I wasn't paying as close attention then, because the phone had been sleeping just fine for days.

    Has anyone else had issues with Google Maps crashing and/or the phone staying at 100% awake following the use of the application? I've read somewhere (and now can't find the link) that it's possible that a crash leads to something "breaking" in the phone and keeping the phone from sleeping.

    Also - under Spare Parts, in the "network" section - there is a process listed only as "0" - and when I tried selecting it for more information, my settings App would force close. This happens every time. No idea what that is. It happened both before and after my latest hard reset.

    Since this latest hard reset, I have re-installed ALL of my other apps, but have not updated or used Google Maps. For anyone interested (and looking into a similar problem), here are the apps I have installed, and my current awake time is around 13%. Also, note that I do not have a task killer installed:

    Facebook Update
    Google Listen
    Handcent SMS
    Documents to Go (full version)
    HTC Battery Widget
    Mybackup Pro
    Spare Parts

    I'm hoping I can go back to using Google Maps. Although I never really intended on using the phone for a GPS, I am "directionally" challenged and it's turned out to be a huge help to me on more than one occasion.

    I suppose I'll have to try out Google Maps again, see if I can reproduce the awake issue and therefore isolate what is actually causing the problem...
  7. nodrogkam

    nodrogkam Well-Known Member

    not that i am or can offer you help, but i have recently had the same issue, and i too haven't changed anything before it started happening to me (100% awake times: awake & uptime counters are identical)

    i re-flashed my rom without wiping and that helped it, but after a soft reset the issue happened again. so annoying.
  8. Traviswf

    Traviswf Member
    Thread Starter

    Sharing your experience COULD end up helping, so let's see. Let me ask you this:

    Did you install the update for Google Maps? And did you actually USE Google Maps?

    Had your phone crashed or reset itself or had any errors before you noticed the Awake time issue returning?

    Are you using the stock HTC battery or a different after market battery?
  9. FdxRider

    FdxRider Newbie

    [How-To] Better battery life, reduce Time Without Signal. - xda-developers
    I tried this and my time without signal went from 50% to less than 5% to 1% ,I've had my phone on for a little over 8 hrs. and my battery is still at 70%.
  10. Traviswf

    Traviswf Member
    Thread Starter

    My "Time without Signal Strength" is always 0.

    Not sure if that's good or bad...

    But I've had my phone turned on and unplugged from the charger for 9 hours, and I'm currently at 71%. I'm using Seidio's extended life battery - which no doubt accounts for some of this life. But this is what I've been experiencing with 2.1, as long as the phone sleeps properly.

    I'm not sure the "time without signal" is an issue - as I've never really experienced it.
  11. nodrogkam

    nodrogkam Well-Known Member

    alright so just to update what i've done since my post

    i have a nandroid backup of android 1.5 which i decided to restore. the awake/uptimes function normally - as in my device sleeps.

    so then i decided to do a clean install of fresh 2.1.1 again. everything was fine (from what i remember), until i activated google voice. but then i signed out and signed back in, which seems to have fixed the issue. I have also decided it's a waste of power to sync peep and flickr with my address book so i've turned those off too.

    I have the newest google maps (it came with the rom) and I do use it sometimes. That has never seemed to change the awake/up times for me in 1.5 or 2.1.
    I have not been experiencing crashes, force close, or other errors before.
    My phone is almost a month old and i've been using the original battery.
    I am considering purchasing the Mugen 1800mah battery though.

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