Nov 23, 2009
MagicWords is one of the most convenient translation and search apps! It runs completely in background, and detects every copy to clipboard. A small button appears and fades away in few seconds if not used. If you click it, you get the following actions to do with the copied text:
- translate to different language and save the translation back in clipboard
- search Google or Wikipedia
- call or SMS phone
- write an e-mail to the copied address
- show the copied street address on map

It also has an option to text-to-speech the text in clipboard, and a desktop widget to quickly turn on/off the entire app.

Many more features are about to come!

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Shatter is a unique puzzle to test your 3D orientation skills. Try to figure out the correct rotation of the shattered image in 20 seconds! If you fail to solve in 20 sec, your score is reset. You can enable lighting and box outlines on faster hardware.


Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G2aWj5XlBA

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The way the puzzle is made is the following: each pixel from the image is turned into a cube with it's color, and the cubes are arranged flat on a plane to form the image. Then each cube is slided by a random offset on one of it's axis. When you look at the cubes along that axis, the image seems undistorted, but the slightest rotation in any other axis makes the cubes scatter around to unintuitive places. To make the image clear once again, you need to rotate it so you look at the exact axis.

Nice concept, but since you are using cubes, aren't you restricting yourself to only 6 possible surfaces?