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Awesome opengl live wallpapers

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by HaMMeReD, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. HaMMeReD

    HaMMeReD Newbie
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    I won't brag too much since I created these, but people seem to like them and I'm pretty proud, you can find them in the android market.

    Virtual World 2 (Hammer.App.Vw2 in market)
    Draws a virtual landscape, free add-ons available in the android market and highly customizable. The full version can look around the world using the sensors in a first-person mode.

    Metal Rain (lwp.metalrain.ca.waterfalls in market)
    A highly efficient particle system, responsive to touch and multi-touch. While other particle systems are limited to about 100-150 particles, I can handle up to 500 on a Nexus one smoothly. In the full version there is advanced color and touch controls, as well as control over the physics.

    Both also have full versions in the market, but I strive to deliver a high quality free product with my live wallpapers. They also are very good on battery because they minimally use the CPU. Most the work is done in GPU which leads to more efficient rendering.

    I'd love community feedback, I have more projects on the way, and if you like my live wallpaper work, possibly more live wallpapers.

    VirtualWorld 2 May get more addons in the future, I'm waiting for it to hit 50 sales before I release some of the map-packs that I have waiting on my computer.

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