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Awesome PIM App - Where's Google?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by roksta, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. roksta

    roksta Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I, like others on the forum, are lamenting the non existence of a "better than stock" PIM...like Agendus for Palm.
    But my question is why hasn't Google developed something like this. They are perfectly positioned with mail, calendar, contacts and tasks to pull them all together. They are half way there with the integration of Facebook, SMS, email into the People app on the Hero....

    They could do a kick ass PIM that I am sure would attract the enterprise market...



  2. brykins

    brykins Android Enthusiast

    Because Facebook intergration, Goggles, search by voice, etc, are all "sizzle", whereas actual productivity enhancing applications are "sausage" and Google is all about the sizzle right now. Very hard to produce eye-catching headlines about class-leading PIM packages, whereas everyone seems to be talking about animated wallpapers.
  3. Jlopcpa

    Jlopcpa Member

    Then that just shows a failure in their business model...they should be able to leverage the "sizzle" to produce the "sausage". At the end of the day once it wears off, people are going realize that they have nothing of substance. They have a perfect opportunity to take market share from both BB and MS, now that Palm(which IMHO had the best PIM apps)is on life support.
  4. (G)

    (G) Android Expert

    You're absolutely right. They seem too focused on being the "iPhone Killer," whereas they could get farther by being the "Blackberry/Palm killer" for people who want the productivity of BB, yet a little of the flash of the iPhone.

    Unless Apple abandons their position and produces a complete dud (and they have yet to do that) no one's ever going to knock them off. So why not go for the lower-hanging fruit where opportunities abound?
  5. Jlopcpa

    Jlopcpa Member

    I really think you can do both. Like with any championship fight you have to earn your way through the lower ranks. As you said go for the low hanging fruit by building a great foundation (PIM Apps) and then position yourself for the "kill shot" by providing the flash and bling.

    IMHO the IPhone is ripe for the taking...in design and functionality, there are now many phones that surpass the iPhone. Apple is great at providing innovative products to market and their proprietary software forces the consumers into staying with them. Apple is their own worst enemy and risk going the way Palm did several years ago.

    For Google it should be back to basics, that is what got them to where they are now.
  6. brykins

    brykins Android Enthusiast

    I used an iPhone for seven months when a company I was working for issued it to me. Great for apps - it was almost as bad as Android in the PIM department. I admit that I didn't delve to deeply looking for alternative calendar/contacts/tasks/notes apps but the standard ones are also no-where near BB/WinMo quality.

    Google/Android really could make a BIG splash here:

    A unified set of apps that replicated Outlook on the desktop and sync'd OTA. I have my own server running 24/7 at home and have no problem with running a small app (aka Funambol) on the desktop to allow OTA sync - instant updates/backups to all PIM data.

    The ability to link emails to contacts to tasks to notes, etc. To flag an email and create a task, etc. All on the fly, all sync'd.

    Google have the clout to do it, but not the inclination it seems. And it's a genuine shame because it could be really great.
  7. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    Why aren't you pushing for one on their site instead of chatting about it here?
  8. roksta

    roksta Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yeh I have been trying to contact Google Dev about this specifically...have also been talking with Iambic around Agendus for Android...but I get a lot of value from most of the opinions on the forum so i thought I would post here to see what others thought....nice suggestion though, thanks
  9. aguillon5

    aguillon5 Well-Known Member

    Please post link
  10. roksta

    roksta Newbie
    Thread Starter

    aguillon5, Have been asking developers not forums...but your idea is a good one...I will let you know when they respond...

    I was listening to This Week In Google just recently and a good question was raised...how does Google play in the enterprise space? Would a strong PIM/Productivity presence (easy to monetise) give them another profit opportunity...? But it's a good point, sizzle vs sausage...its kinda where I put the Iphone as well, more sizzle than...
  11. Eugene

    Eugene Android Expert

    Issues - android - Project Hosting on Google Code

    I've added to a few there. IMHO the first step is to implelemt all the fields in the vcard and vcal/ical standards. Those add such fields as categories. Then implement the X-extensions so we can put in custom fields that can sync to other pim apps. These will need to be done on the androidOS as well as in the web based apps and coordinated.
  12. mdlissner

    mdlissner Newbie

    I do believe webis is working pocket informant for Android.

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