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AWFUL battery life on samsung S2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by garba, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. vic2pc

    vic2pc Newbie


  2. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Android Expert

    not sure this is helpful to a galaxy s2 though???
  3. CZ Eddie

    CZ Eddie Member

    I can listen to my iPod tunes all day long (almost literally) on my iPhone 3GS without any battery problem.
    But listening to iHeart radio will drain the battery in just an hour or so.
    Some apps just chew up batteries more than other apps.
  4. jimmysgs2

    jimmysgs2 Newbie

    My settings are:

    Brightness is Auto.
    GSM only unless i need some speed then i use wifi or 3G etc but when i dont Wifi is off
    GPS is off
    I use a wallpaper that has a lot of black in it because the super amoled screen uses no power to generate a black image
    i have the tick in the setting that analyses the image on the display to adjust lcd brightness and save power.

    I can charge my phone (btw i do it powered down) and get a good two and bit days out of her before she needs a charge again...so Monday comes of charge at 7am and is charged again say wednesday morning

    Hows that?
  5. Balderick

    Balderick Newbie

    Well, What I've found is if I do not use the phone/games/web/nav/... It lasts pretty well.

    Yes, the phone has a Shi##y power supply. I've done all that has been suggested and really, why have a phone that can do "everything" if it dies in a half day or less? When I'm at work, I just leave it charging. when I'm home if it's less than 30% I charge it. I charge that phone at least twice a day because if I don't It's of no use when I really need to show it off or use it to it's ability. Pretty simple really, just a pain.....
  6. UniqueProblem

    UniqueProblem Newbie

    There are also apps running in the background which I see i.e like wifi sharing, maps, social hub, google services, samsung keypad although you stop these apps they reload again. I read freezing apps can help the battery life as mentioned above I don't require those apps to be running. The only problem is that if I want to freeze the apps my phone has to be rooted and Titanium backup will do this.

    I was wondering without rooting my phone for the time being can I still freeze these apps so I can help my battery life further?

    I know running HD games on the phone drains the battery very quickly so doing all these little things can help out. Any advice.

    PS not that I am complaining love the phone but when you read to switch off this and that and to not do this and that to save battery life your not fully using the phones potential. Like buying a Ferrari but don't drive over 30km. :)

  7. hilt_m

    hilt_m Newbie

    I find that if i use my phone a lot or have things running all the time like gps wifi etc the battery barely lasts a day. If you are smart and do a lot of power saving things you can get a couple you days between charges, but who wants you be smart with this little beast of a phone. So instead i just purchased a couple of cheap high powered batterys off ebay, cost like 10 bucks. I know this doesn't fix the issue that the battery that comes with the phone is crap, but might be an option for you guys.
  8. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    On the latest firmware I'm going two days between charges, this new power saving feature comes in handy.

    Needs a widget though.
  9. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Android Enthusiast

    Screen at 100% and on for 1.5 hours.

    Just think about it!

  10. fonegyro

    fonegyro Well-Known Member

    I believe the battery needs that initial 8-10 hour charge in order to condition it for future use/charging.

    Some say this isn't necessary but battery technology is evolving slower than everything else.

    Frequent top-up charging while powered up doesn't help battery life either IMO. I only charge after the battery fully discharges and the phone switches itself off, which along with all the other power saving measures mentioned above, gives me about 3 days per charge.
  11. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    You're not doing the battery any favours, y'know. ;)

    Modern Li-ion/Li-poly cells used in smartphones don't like being fully discharged frequently. They're actually designed to be charged "a little and often" and contain regulating circuitry to prevent overcharging.
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  12. fonegyro

    fonegyro Well-Known Member

    So is it still recommended to fully discharge every so often to condition the battery and if so, how often?

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