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B&N Nook app for Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Jon Niola, May 26, 2011.

  1. Jon Niola

    Jon Niola Member
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    Ok so I decided to install the Barnes & Noble Nook app on my Galaxy Tab. It works great - I can read my books and magazines just like I can on my Nook color but on the bigger screen on my Tab 10.1.

    Well, the other day I decided to change the wallpaper so went to my gallery - and to my surprise it was filled with HUNDREDS of photos and images.

    Turns out the Nook app stores EVERY SINGLE element from magazine PDF's in your gallery...

    Needless to say this is quite annoying. Anyone know if there is a way to prevent this? I did not see anything in preferences for the app but if they are going to do this you'd think at least they would store them all in their own album within the gallery. Instead they are all saved at top level of the gallery.

    Thanks for any info!

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  3. Jon Niola

    Jon Niola Member
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