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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by vnurin, Aug 25, 2012.

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    BABELONi Pager [App] is free multilingual communicational / social networking system, with client apps for Android 2.2+ phones, having resolution wider or equal to 320px and tablets.

    Register your email address and chat with your Friends in your native alphabet, shoot / choose a picture to attach it to your broadcasted / broadcasting messages and build your online photo blog, enjoying incomparable experience of BABELONi Pager, which keyboard currently supports 3 alphabets: Latin (English), Cyrillic (Russian) and Armenian. Messages consist of 3 parts: the title (which is visible in the message list and also can be used for sending short messages), the body and the photo (available for broadcasting messages).

    BABELONi Pager's unique features:
    + Keys of BABELONi Keyboard are arranged according to pronunciation similarity. Such an easy to remember logic helps the user to guess easily where is a sign to tap. The keyboard is also universal for any language (BABELONi Pager has Latin, Cyrillic and Armenian versions of the Keyboard).
    + It broadcasts messages (comments, notes, etc.) and / or images to multiple Friends, simultaneously saving the messages in any folder. Your photo blog will be built itself from your publicly broadcasted messages and their attached pictures and it will be readable / viewable to all your Friends. Privately broadcasted messages and their attached pictures are readable / viewable only to you.
    + You can make any changes to your previously sent (broadcasted) message, regardless broadcasted Friend(s) are online or offline (regardless it is already received or not). The changes include text changes in the title; body or adding; replacement; deletion of the picture or changing private attribute to public; vice versa or deletion of the message. The message also can be resent without any changes to remind about itself or to be moved from one folder to another.
    + You can see how many broadcasted pictures / messages has your or your Friend's folder before opening it.
    + You can compose and view messages, your and your Friends' photo blogs in different alphabets.
    + You can search the messages.
    + You can code the correspondence in BABELONi Dots / Slashes.
    + You can personalize your profile with your name and image. It is updating your presence (online or offline), name, image, etc. in your Friends' BABELONi Pagers in virtual real time. It makes possible to add multiple Friends to the Current bar and text / broadcast them simultaneously.

    You can also access your or your Friends' photo blogs to read / view your all (public or private) broadcasted messages / images or your Friends' broadcasted public messages / images.

    You and your Friends can use different alphabets or BABELONi Dots / Slashes to communicate with each other. You can reproduce your Friend's messages / blog in your chosen alphabet, which could be different from your Friend's chosen one (the alphabet by which the messages were originally composed with). Besides you can switch your current alphabet at any time to (continue to) compose text / broadcasting message; view own or received messages in any alphabet or by BABELONi Dots / Slashes. You can broadcast public / private thoughts and / or pictures to your profile as well as to one or multiple Friends.

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