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Back in stock right now!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by manfredo, May 18, 2011.

  1. manfredo

    manfredo Lurker
    Thread Starter

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  2. Zaggs

    Zaggs Well-Known Member

    Not really. Its the 16gb model for the price of the 32.
  3. Ohiobuck

    Ohiobuck Lurker

    Not only that but I never have heard of one of those vendors and wonder how they managed to get stock when none of the big well known vendors can. Something doesn't smell right here.
  4. clgwli

    clgwli Well-Known Member

    My guess is either they keep stock since no one wants to pay $100-300 more for a tablet or they have back order so you would wind up waiting all the same.

    Kind of like e-bay... you can find the tablets to buy but they will make you pay a premium to get it in your hand before the end of the month (or even next month)

    I finally found a docking station today for my tablet on Amazon.com. I really thank nowinstock.net for finding it. I had good luck finding the tablet at my local Microcenter (check them out if you have one near) but no luck on an in stock docking station.

    Interestingly enough as I was buying my docking station on amazon.com, I accidentally clicked on "add to cart" a 2nd time and it wouldn't let me order more than one at a time. I obviously didn't get (or need) a 2nd one so I made sure my cart was empty. I thought that was cool to make sure someone can't get them all and make others keep waiting.

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