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Jan 23, 2012
Hey guys, used to use this and xda a lot back in my modding days and took a back seat for a few years just leaving standard phones as BL were getting harder/less possible to unlock, bank apps etc wouldn't work etc and started just sticking with company phones and ended up fading from the forums. But getting new one now and looking to mod/help & advise where I can. Is XDA still the only real place to go for firmware etc? I see that my new phone doesn't have it's own forum here or over there but should be highly customisable so is it done more through Telegram or something now?
Help and advice appreciated from a born again newb
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Hey there again Unforgiven, good to see the ol' faces still here. Got F4 coming with Poco Watch too (was a steal with about 3 discounts applied too). Sure about the time I stopped so much watches were looking like getting mods too. Not sure if it took off or even how good this watch will be.
But surely Poco F4 would have quite a few following. I can see on XDA people are crying out for a forum for it but doesn't seem to be happening.
I know a lot of stuff happens on Telegram and there are lots of channels etc but I'm OOTL on how to work that properly. Will be good to scout through these places again though :)
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Wow!! Rapid, thanks mate. Yea that's the one. Now to hope people will come along and share what they find. Yes I figured that with the watch to be fair, I just want to tinker with the phone to be honest, hopefully it will get more of a fanbase but I'll add anything I find
I'm with The_Chief, The only phone I rooted in recent times was an HTC Bolt for pen-testing as Kali's testing tools need root to even run.
Workarounds involved finding a way to circumvent SafetyNet (like the Knox e-fuse but ten times worse!). Those solutions seem temporary and you have to keep up with them constantly playing cat vs. mouse with Google. Too frustrating for me! I just cling to outdated phones as long as they work!