Help Back to Stock Messaging... Ugh!!! I miss Handcent. Help?!!!


Hey guys and gals, I'm so frustrated with MMS. I can't get them to send using Handcent or ChompSMS without numerous forwarding attempts. I can receive them immediately with no problems from other people...even on differenct carriers, but they won't send. I finally got my SMS to stop crashing/force closing and deleting all my messages by uninstalling the Antivirus app. Im on day two (since the uninstall) without a force close. :p I had no problem sending MMS until I installed Handcent. I even uninstalled Handcent. Rebooted and re-installed. No outgoing MMS without 2 or 3 message forwards. I tried the Airplane Mode trick. No change. After uninstallling Handcent again, I chose ChompSMS to see if that works. Same's a no go for sending out. Somebody help!!!! The stock messaging app is the only one that works, but it's so BORING!!!! :(


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I thought my ATT/iPhone friend was ignoring me but turned out he didn't get a text I sent on Handcent.



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Handcent doesnt work well with Antivirus apps. You should contact Handcent about any probelms, they are very helpful, nice, and respond to emails within minutes. Their email is in the App> menu> about


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I uninstalled the Antivirus app and it fixed the force closing and thread deletions, but I still can't get outgoing MMS to work. I'm going to stop by the Corp store on my way home to see a techie, but I know all they're going to want to do is a hard reset. It really seems like a software/network issue rather than a hardware issue that requires new equipment... I hope they can resolve this issue. I'm on day 30... :eek:
I previously used both Chomp and Handcent and had problems with both sending mms. The stock messenger sends mms just fine. I like both Chomp and Handcent, but I had to go back to the stock client.


I too had difficulties with MMS on Handcent and had to revert to the stock Messaging app. I do not use an antivirus, but I do use Mobile Defense. I am happy w/ the stock Messaging app, but I do miss some of the Handcent features. For me though, it is function over fashion and until Handcent works seamlessly I will stay with stock.