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back to the moto droid for time being

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mach1man, May 22, 2010.

  1. mach1man

    mach1man Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Well I'm having a problem with my incredible not getting MMS, I get the message not downloaded- unknown error. I have already replaced the phone once but my replacement phone did the same thing, I have an open tech ticket and they couldn't even figure it out. They had to send it to upper level support, Verizon said that they and HTC were working on a fix for the phone. I love the incredible but cant stand the download problem so I activated my old moto Droid tell they figure it out. I miss the incredible already lol.

    The keyboard is going to spoil me though. LOL

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  2. sunthas

    sunthas Well-Known Member

    Did you install any messaging apps such as Handcent or Chomp?
  3. mach1man

    mach1man Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    nope all stock messaging apps. I stomped alot of verizon techs.
  4. sunthas

    sunthas Well-Known Member

    Yup, works on my phone. Just tested from my wifes phone. I did get an error message, but then it downloaded fine. Sent two, one was suppose to have a picture but forgot to attached, still sent through MMS system. Second one, picture came through no problem.
  5. Reddog80p

    Reddog80p Android Enthusiast

    I get pics too...strange. Hope you get your DI fixed soon.
  6. mach1man

    mach1man Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    yep I get the same thing. Unknown error then like a minute later the picture comes through, but this happens on every mms I get. They said that they are working hard to fix it for everyone
  7. sunthas

    sunthas Well-Known Member

    This problem impacts you so much that you have to switch back to Moto Droid?
  8. mach1man

    mach1man Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    yea it kinda does.
  9. mach1man

    mach1man Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I can say that the incredible blows the droid out of the water!!!!!!!!
  10. what is mms, pics?
  11. mach1man

    mach1man Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes mms is picture messages or even forwards that have pics in them
  12. macdaddybuff

    macdaddybuff Android Enthusiast

    Try handcet in the marketplace see if it fixes the issue. Its better than stock anyways and it is free. 100000 times better messaging app than the stock and you can still do all the same stuff.
  13. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow!

    I get the same thing whenever I get pics from Alltel subscribers. Makes my email sound with a little message icon with an ! in the notification bar and says unknown error BUT after clicking on it I am promted to download. So I get everyone , just have to manually download it.

    If they are working on a fix I certainly wouldn't be sending the Incredible back. Who knows when they will be available again...
  14. suzlyn

    suzlyn Member

    I get an error sending MMS with Handcent, but not the stock app.
  15. ttamnedlog

    ttamnedlog Android Enthusiast

    Quick Settings app causes this to happen. If you have that app, factory reset your phone and don't install that app again.
  16. mach1man

    mach1man Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I don't have that quick settings installed, at least I don't think, I have never downloaded that. I didn't return it I just reactivated my droid.
  17. AJ McKay

    AJ McKay Well-Known Member

    So, it works, you're just overly inconvenienced by an error message and a short wait?

    BFD. Occasionally Gmail gives me an error when I try to send an e-mail. I don't shut down my PC and trek to the post office because of it.
  18. mach1man

    mach1man Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Its not that its a major problem but when you buy something new you want it to work properly. How would you like to buy a new car and then the ac not work, so you go back to the dealer and they say its no BFD roll down the windows. Yea you could roll them down but why when its new, they should fix it.

    If you don't have any help for the problem then don't waste the time to post.
    mills23 likes this.
  19. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow!

    Completely uncalled for man.....
  20. AJ McKay

    AJ McKay Well-Known Member

    But the A/C does work. It just takes a minute, and at first the horn blows.

    If Mercedes says "we're working on it" and I really like the car I'm not going to put it in the garage and drive my wife's Fiat until it's fixed.

    Don't cut off the nose to spite the face.
  21. Bundy

    Bundy Android Enthusiast

    I have the same problem. I don't do MMS that often, but it is an annoying problem - I haven't been able to send or receive any MMS at all.
  22. longdaddy

    longdaddy Well-Known Member

    I've been down this same rode even started my own thread about this. Couple tips that worked for me was turn off mms delivery reports on all installed messaging apps stock, handcent, chompsms also turn off auto download on all. Handcent gives me message failed to send retrying on all mms i send, stock and chompsms dont hope this helps
  23. nyngbld

    nyngbld Well-Known Member

    same, MMS pics fail. lovely. i got my first one last night and it bombed right away! stock messaging.. i will give handcent a try i suppose since everyone loves it.
  24. sunthas

    sunthas Well-Known Member

    MMS failing altogether is a different problem. The OP stated that they do eventually work after an error message. I immediately tested on my phone since I don't have any special messaging apps installed and MMS works on my phone, albeit with an error message before the picture actually downloads. But it works.
  25. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    You are trying to send to high of a resolution. Remember it's MMS not e-mail.

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