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Back Up... Haven't Got A Clue!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by arkwright, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. arkwright

    arkwright Member
    Thread Starter

    Sorry if this sounds dumb, but I'm clueless about how to back up my phone data.

    I've found a few threads that tell me to go to settings> privacy> back up but I don't have a privacy option in settings.

    I also read somewhere that my data was backed up automatically to Google??? If this is true, where would I find it if I needed it?

    I would just like to know an easy way to back up my phone data.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



    LECTER Android Expert

    Mybackup Pro is great.

    If you're rooted, use Titanium Backup.

    A combination of the two is awesome.

    If you're using gmail, your contacts/calendar will be backed up to cloud.
  3. Damn

    Damn Lurker

    Hi. I'm new to the forum, and I'm a bit tech illiterate. Trying to learn. I have the same question: how do I back up my data on my HTC Desire HD? Thanks in advance for your patient response.
  4. 325i

    325i Well-Known Member

    My desire is rooted and i have used my backup pro several times. It is always backed up everything and so easy to use.
  5. DCFC79

    DCFC79 Android Enthusiast

    Ive recently backed up the phone although all i could have backed up is the contacts, i backed up the contacts to gmail but i used backup everything as an alternative if using gmail didnt work
  6. kolipe

    kolipe Member

    +1 for Mybackup Pro. It backs up everything you need. Titanium is good but a more complex.

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