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Back Up Playlists

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ayinde6, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. ayinde6

    ayinde6 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok I have a Sprint HTC Hero and I have made some great playlists, problem is I cannot back up my playlist to my SD Card, so if I do a hard reset all playlists are gone forever.. Does anyone know where these files are kept or how to back up them up. I have already tried "MyBackup Pro" but it said "Music playlist backup failed" everytime. If anyone can help I'd truly appreciated...

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  2. GuardianFlash

    GuardianFlash Lurker

    I don't know about playlists on the phone, but I know if you sync playlists from windows media player and then drag the playlist folder from my music folder on my computer to the microSD card, the phone would see the playlists.

    So, I think the playlists could have been saved on the memory card. Check it and see if you can find a folder name playlist on the sd card.
  3. ayinde6

    ayinde6 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the tip but that is a no go...I created the playlist using my phone and windows media player can't even find them.
  4. m1.carson

    m1.carson Member


    It's on the /SD card/MP3/"songtitles"

  5. ayinde6

    ayinde6 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I don't have a folder by that name on my SD card
  6. m1.carson

    m1.carson Member


    Plan 57b,

    Start a tune,>menu>properties> scroll to the bottom and it'll tell you where your music is located.

    Suggest you download free from the market, Linda file manager, being an old f rt I find it easy to use, and talking of which, does anyone know of an old fashioned music player which doesn't have album art, I've tried three without success, nearly all my albums came in plain brown sleeves with the title on the label, :D.

  7. ayinde6

    ayinde6 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the response but I know where to find my music I just don't know where the playlists I created with my phone are...
  8. Julian_Sprite

    Julian_Sprite Newbie

    Hi Guys,

    Shameless plug, and hopefully a few answers from a Sprite employee

    Actually Playlists are stored on your device in a database,
    They are independent of the media on your SDCard

    Music files, albumn art etc are stored on the SDCard.

    Try Sprite Backup, it backs up and restores music, playlists, art etc from a single backup file

    We were the first to do it, as with many other content.

    Problem with backing up only playlists, and not the media files, your playlist backup will get out of date with the actual media files oncard... Also as many people know SDCards do fail (hence a reason to backup), so a single backup file, easy to copy off of SD is a great way to go.

    Sprite Mobile - Android Backup - SMS, Bookmarks, System Settings, Application Settings, Call Logs, MMS, Contacts, Photos, Video, Music and much more...

    Many thanks

  9. ayinde6

    ayinde6 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you all for your help...I actually had to create a playlist on my PC then save it to my SD Card, it worked like a charm now all of my playlist are on my SD Card where I know where they are...
  10. ayinde6

    ayinde6 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Sprite Backup will backup playlist? I tried it and I thought it was just backing up my music...
  11. Julian_Sprite

    Julian_Sprite Newbie

    Hi ayinde6,

    Yes Music is the category, it includes your playlists, album art, tracks, genre etc

    backs up to a single file, so you can copy off for safe keeping

    Music also does voice recordings, ringtones

    A bigger list of features is here

    The help file is here
    Sprite Mobile - Getting Started

    Please note, advanced scheduling feature is probably through our QA department, and available later today, and a raft of cool new features and even more backup content next week,

    Many thanks

  12. Daria_corven

    Daria_corven Lurker

    So that does n't really answer the question, without starting again
    a1) where does the htc store the playlists that are created on the phone?
    b1) why won't it save changes made to playlists stored in folders on phone that it recognises....?
    b2) where can i save it all to where it will owrk
    c1) i would like to do this without either having to use sync or storing something else on my phone
    d1) anyideas for good battery replacement - mines on super short time :((((

    i hate to say it, auto on/off times, noise free power up and this are the only things i miss about the n95 and my old blackberry bold.
    any suggestions to 'replace' these much missed features...?

    big thanks to all who read and esp those who can suggest
  13. josswallace

    josswallace Lurker

    If anyone can tell me how to do this I would very much appreciate it.
  14. josswallace

    josswallace Lurker

    I don't want to bother syncing my music from pc to phone.

    What I would like to do is createa a set of playlists by drag and drop on the pc from my music files then copy both the music files and the playlists to the phone.

    That will do me for a year then I would probably repeat the exercise including ne music.

    If any one could help I would really appreciate it.
  15. josswallace

    josswallace Lurker

    Ayinde6 can you tell me how you managed the above.

  16. monsieurms

    monsieurms Newbie

    Thanks...I can't find the playlists created on the device either. I like to manually back up.
  17. rafian

    rafian Newbie

  18. yobert

    yobert Lurker

    I'm pretty sure it works this way:

    Android has a local database (sqlite I believe) on the phone that has lots (but not all) of the media information such as playlists. When you create a new playlist on on the phone, it adds an entry to this database. You can, however, work around this since android will also automatically discover/read playlists as files in .M3U format (an old Winamp format). Unfortunately, you can't add to the playlist on the android side (it just adds to the media database instead of the M3U file). So if you don't mind maintaining your playlists from your PC, that's an option.

    .. Otherwise, just use Winamp :)
  19. TheoKlink

    TheoKlink Newbie

    My app allows you to export your android playlists as m3u files. Poweramp (and many other players) are able to read these. You can even copy them to your PC and use them there. The user manual provided with the app describes how to go about this.

    This app has evolved into a mature well designed product which integrates Poweramp tags such as Ratings.
    Check out
    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.flyingdutchman.playlistmanager&hl=e n
    or search for Playlist Manager on Google Play
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