Jul 15, 2013

I could very much do with some help. I have bought a new HTC 1X+ in November. I love the thing, apart from the last week or so, when it's randomly turned "airplane mode" on and then takes between one minutes and 24 hours to turn off - the phone locks on 'turning off'. Restarting doesn't work, and I took the phone into the O2 shop who said it needs to go back to HTC for a software repair, but that I should back up first.

I'm not really sure how to do this - I've got the HTC Sync Manager which is slow and not very user friendly, I've backed up my music and photos, but my apps, e-mails etc I also wish to back up. Is there a way to do this easily? I've tried a few apps but these have backed up the files (SMS, calendar etc) to the SD storage, and for my life I can't find a way to get them off the phone to my computer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - I don't want to lose all my settings etc, just want my phone back to how it used to be...


Plug your phone into your PC via USB. It should say USB connected within the notification bar on the phone.

Then on the PC select start>My computer. Under portable devices double click on HTC MTP Device (or HTC One X+ if you have USB Debugging enabled under user options in phone settings), then double click on Internal storage & you should see all of your files. Copy them to your PC.

Also ensure that your calendar & contacts are synced to your Google account. To do this go to settings>Accounts& sync>Google, select the account & ensure that calendar & contacts are checked. Then from that page touch the menu (3 dots top right of screen) & press Sync now.

If your phone contacts are not google contacts you can either export to SD & back up to your PC or copy them to your google contacts. Open the People app, touch menu>Manage contacts then select either:
a) export to phone storage (virtual SD) or
b) copy contacts & copy from phone to your google account.

Having done all your back ups you might find that a Factory reset via Settings>Backup & reset>Reset phone may cure your problems but will erase user data. Might be worth trying because that's probably what htc will do first.