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backflip reboots

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by famguy, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. famguy

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    I am having a problem with my backflip rebooting and yes I have tried different things like the Business Card trick, reformating SD card, using a new SD card but nothing seems to work.

    It might be the battery but I'm not sure just yet cause I can't spare the cash for a new battery to test that theory yet.

    I got my backflip on craiglist a few months ago and it was on 1.5 (I don't think it reboot then), then I upgraded it to 2.1 and that's when the reboot started. I tried to reflash it using the RSD light method to see if that would at least help it or install some files it was missing or something.

    I currently have Andorid version 2.34 (CM7.1) installed and yet the rebooting keeps following me. For example when I installed CM7.1 (the very first time) and rebooted it would go to the CM7 logo and just reboot from there a couple of times until I pull the battery out and then it would work ok for a while after that and then, It rebooted yet again when trying to install some apps from the App Market.

    this whole rebooting is really making me frustrated.

    Can anyone help?.


  2. famguy

    famguy Lurker
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    My phone has not reboot in 19:58:37 (and counting) and it is because I haven't touched it as much. I still think it is a software issue that reboots my phone but I am unsure as how to determine the source.

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