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Backing up apps - using a familair online space

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by uzee, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. uzee

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    Backing up apps using backup apps such as 'my backup' etc are fine. Some go further by backing them up online - or should i say 'in the cloud'.

    However i use another method, which i thought i'd share. Note that this method is good for 2 things - installing/send yourself app links and at the same time they would be backed up. This method is simple and not advanced.

    Many apps websites such as Androidzoom (for example) and others allow you to email yourself the app's market hyperlink.

    So for an app, at the download page i just enter my email.

    In my email account, i already have a custom folder named 'android apps', where each of the emails containing the app link are automatically moved to (by creating a simple email rule).

    As a result i have access to each of the app links, and also each of the app link emails are stored as backup too.

    The benefits are:

    • Your app emails are automatically sorted and stored.
    • You are backing up online 'in the cloud', the difference being you are not signing up to an unfamiliar online space. You are backing up apps links to an online space which you are comfortable in and already familiar with.
    Would appreciate your thoughts


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