Sep 1, 2011
Dorset England
Hi Folks,

can anyone give me an idiots guide to storing my contacts from my Desire to my google mail?

I want to do a factory restore as the phone has been playing up lately, but want to save them first.


Welcome to AF!

First - go into your contacts and hit menu > view
If they are all under google then great, this is easy. Just go into settings > sync > google account > contacts - check the box. Then press sync now. Then go check google to make sure they are there.
(That's the easiest way)

IF the contacts are under phone it is a little more work but still able to be done.
First you'll have to export to the sd card. Then when that is done it will appear they are gone (they're not - don't panic - I did this once). Now - import to the phone - but choose google as the contact input. Then follow instructions above.

Once that is done you can reset.

Good luck!! Let us know how it goes.
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Hey BB,

Yep that seems to have done the trick.
Just need to do the reset now...... but got to wait til I get home again, forgot to get all my pictures backed up onto my computer. :thinking:

Cheers for your help!
Glad it worked!
As far as your pictures - if you are positive they are on your sd card then a phone reset won't touch those. The files on your card are a separate entity.

I have about 1000 contacts in a CSV file generated from MS Outlook. I need to put them into the HTC sensation 4G phone. I shall not be using Outlook henceforth. Several questions:
#1) I guess I can simply import the CSV file into the phone, correct? Will it take care of all the fields (e.g. telephone-1, telephone-2, etc) with no loss of data?
#2) Is there any way to import the contacts as google contacts in the phone (so it will be good to sync later)?
#3) Some of my contacts have some confidential info (passport info, birth dates, etc). Is there any way to sync them into google over a secure or encrypted channel? Can this be done for each auto-sync?
#4) Can everything above be done for the calendar and notes too? I have CSV files generated from Outlook for those 2 too. BTW I have some recurring events in the Outlook calendar. Will the recurring attribute be preserved in the CSV file or is there any other way to import them into the phone and google?

Thanks in advance for your help. I know I have asked a mouthful of questions. :)
I think it might be easier for you to use your computer to put these into google from the csv file - then sync your phone and have them populate in that way.

Instructions for doing this are here

I believe this will also make the security question a non issue since you are doing it right from your computer. That is about as secure as you will get as far as I know.

The calendar info is here
Note that it does say in the calendar directions that your recurring events might not import properly. That's one of those things that is really really hard to write into a csv and then preserve for import.

The notes I'm kind of stumped. I hope someone else can help you with that one.
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In terms of backing up contacts (and also calendar) if you don't want to use the cloud then MyPhoneExplorer which is free can do this and also sync nicely to Outlook.
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