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backup 2.3.4 stock

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tsanford, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. tsanford

    tsanford Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I ended up updating my admire to 2.3.6 and cannot get a permanent fix to mms and market. My wife also has the admire, but completely stock. Is there anyway I could make a backup with her phone and use it to restore mine? I imagine not since this phone doesn't have a custom recovery yet. Just thought I would ask. The dude at metro PC's saw that I had no "bloatware" and refused to exchange my phone since it was not "like new" condition since it was missing metro pcs. Software...

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  2. SpawnHyuuga

    SpawnHyuuga Well-Known Member

    I think if you relaunch the Upgrade program that you used to flash 2.3.6; that you can restore the 2.3.4, as I believe it makes a backup. If not, I think there might be an 'upgrade.zip' floating around here somewhere that you can try.

    Funny, how they won't take the phone back if you remove their Metro garbage. Most of the functions they offer you for $ are available free on an Android anyways.
  3. tsanford

    tsanford Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well I was wondering if this would work, but don't want to try unless it does... don't want a $170 paperweight.

    [HOW-TO]Create Custom ODIN Images for Backup/Restore - xda-developers

    I'm sure several people will be wanting this information, so I figured I would post it here for everyone. This will allow you to backup your system and create custom Odin images for restore purposes. For anyone unfamiliar with the Samsung system, they use Odin to flash things to the device, much like HTC has RUU and Moto has SBF. Odin files are either .tar files, or .tar.md5 files.

    The .tar.md5 files are .tar files with the md5 checksum added to the end of the file. If you attempt to flash a .tar.md5 file, Odin will automatically check that the contents are what they should be before flashing and proceed with the flash if the md5 is valid, otherwise it will stop.

    In Odin, you should use the PDA button for all flashing. The PIT button may be used as well, if we can get a valid .pit file for the device, but for now, PIT won't be used either. Other than PDA, Start/Reset are the only other buttons you need to worry about.

    Now, on to creating the backup files. First, you will need your device to be rooted (perm or temp root will work), and you also need to have access to terminal on the phone, either via an emulator or adb shell access. To create the backup files, you won't need a Linux/UNIX system, but you will if you want to create a flashable Odin package. The following will output the files on the root of the SDCard, adjust the "of=" path if you want them somewhere else. It will also create the files for the proper filename for Odin as well. So to create the files, here are the commands you will use from root shell (#):


    The last three files (cache, dbdata, data) may contain personal information, so do not include these 3 files in anything but a personal backup/recovery package.

    To create a flashable Odin package, you need to pull all of the files off of the phone/sdcard and onto your computer. From there, you use the following to create the package:

    If you want to include cache/dbdata/data in the above for personal use, just add them after the "-c" and before the ">".

    There are other files that may be in Odin packages, but they are protected by Samsung and cannot be dumped properly. The files are the bootloader, secondary bootloader, modems, and .lfs partitions. The files would be boot.bin, Sbl.bin, modem.bin (not sure what it would be for the CDMA/LTE dual modem here), and param.lfs. It however isn't that big of an issue that these can't be dumped as the can't really be altered by normal flashing of the device, and are usually only altered via OTA updates.
  4. mrwizzstl

    mrwizzstl Lurker

    it does work but /system is on stl12

    dd if=/dev/block/stl12 of=/sdcard/userdata bs=4096

    I have only dumped /system and reflashed it. Havent figered out where the rest of them are located, nor have i really looked yet. The Kernel version was the same so I didn't feel the need to try to dump it.

    Hope this helps

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