Oct 26, 2014
I am using an Umidigi A9 pro phone with 128G of storage and Android 10. I want to do a factory reset to fix some problem and to get rid of many unused or junk applications. There are many entries on the web about backup and restore for factory reset. But I want to clarify a couple of things before I start the factory reset.
1. Most entries on the web suggest backup the phone to Google account before the reset. But a Google account only have 15G of free cloud storage. I have already used 70G out of the 128G storage. If I do not want to purchase storage from Google, is there any easy way to backup all Apps and storage data to PC and allow a easy restore to the phone after the reset ?
2. It looks simple that if I backup to a Google account, I can just restore by specifying the account and it will magically restore using the backup data stored under that account. But restoring from Google account backup data seems to be a complete restore. This will not help to get rid of many unused or junk applications. Is there any way that I can do selective restore (i.e. just restore what I need) ?