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Support Backup phone stuck in Bootloop?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by bureizumaru, Apr 24, 2016.

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    Dec 25, 2014

    Dec 25, 2014
    Hello guys hopefully this is the correct place to post this question.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300
    OS: Cyanogenmod (Unsure which version. Something from back in 2014 I would assume.)
    Recovery mode: PhilZ Touch 6
    Rooted: Yes

    So my problem is that my phone suddenly became stuck in a bootloop and what I want to do is to back up everything on it. You see every piece of information that I found on fixing this boot loop is basically "factory restore" which... is not ideal because I would like to keep the majority of the stuff on my phone (contacts, images of dead family, notes etc) which is all on my phones memory rather than SD card which I have already backed up.

    All recovery methods I found seem to require your phone to actually boot up which is something of a problem when it is stuck in a bootloop and the best I can do is recovery mode.

    I have even tried using the "backup and restore" option to try and backup the data to my SD card alas all I get is that "E: Can't mount" error which in this case is "E: Can't mount backup path."

    Mounting and unmounting (in case this helps)
    I can mount:

    I can't mount:

    I would really appreciate any and all help for fixing this issue, because while getting rid of the bootloop isn't all that hard, backing up the data seems impossible to me at the moment. I'm also a bit scared to try anything that may or may not result in data loss so there's that too.


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