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Backup witthoutt rooting!?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by BananaGalaxyS, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. BananaGalaxyS

    BananaGalaxyS Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys,

    I am really concerned that there seems to be no way to backup ALL my apps in KIES and so far the only suggested offerings online are ones that require rooting you phone e.g. Titanium Backup et al... I don't want to root my phone (at least not now) So how can I backup all my apps!!?!? I've tried "Astro" which doesn't seem to work the way I expected it to.. I find it really amazing that samsung have not included a way to back up apps onto your computer safely and easily so that they can be reintegrated to the phone after a system format or if something happened to your phone.. Am I missing something?! Is there such a function/free app that allows NON rooted phones to do this simple task!?! I've heard some people talking about google backing up all apps automatically in their "cloud" but if so where are they and can I see them??:thinking:

    Thanks again!

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  2. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    Have you tried AppBrain? It's free on the market
  3. AppBrain only backs up "links" to your apps, not the apps themselves or the data.
  4. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    The OP didn't mention data, just unrooted to restore previously installed apps. Which AppBrain does. And it's not just links, it syncs your apps, and helps you find/install new ones
  5. BananaGalaxyS

    BananaGalaxyS Lurker
    Thread Starter

    hey epicurean,

    thanks for the advice. I've installed appbrain and synced my apps..
    here's the next stupid question.. Where is it synced to..? lol

    It asked me for my google email login does that mean it gets synced with my google account!!??!:thinking::thinking::thinking:

    Thanks for your help guys!
  6. But again, it doesnt actually back up the app itself, it just backs up a list of apps you have installed. Then when you want to re-sync, it gives you that list to download again. I would hardly call that backing up.

    The list gets synced to the appbrain server.

    No. It just uses the Google account to login to their server.
  7. AngryHatter

    AngryHatter Android Expert

    Well, if you go onto the market via the browser and click on my account you can see all the apps google acknowledges that you have installed, paid for, et cetera.
    That is the easy part.
    It's your DATA that isn't there.
    So...hopefully you upload to the cloud your contact.csv file. Or any other relevant stuff you want to keep.
  8. Susido

    Susido Newbie

    Where would I find the contact.csv file? Are there other common files that might be important to backup on a non-rooted device? Thanks.
  9. shauny13

    shauny13 Android Expert

    look for "my backup pro" in the market. It will do this
  10. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    Your welcome. Sitlet answered all your questions about as well as I could. Enjoy!

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