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I have a problem with my phone and I am about to send it off to Samsung to be fixed but they said that it will have to have a factory reset. I have already backed up my photos onto my mac but I want to find a good way to back up my contacts and messages then put them back on my phine when its fixed. Also I want to find out if I will be able to download the same apps on google play and keep the data on them.


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Are your contacts synced with Google? If so they will restore when you log in to your Google account again. Otherwise open the phonebook, go into the app's settings and look for the option to "export" them. That will save them as a .vcf file which you can then copy somewhere safe and then "import" when you get the phone back.

There are many SMS backup apps, so use one of those and again keep a copy of the backup it makes.

In principle there is an option in the settings to back up app data to Google servers, but I never use it so can't speak for how well it works. So it might be worth using Helium to take a backup as well before sending the phone off (do both - that maximises your chances).