Help Bad download speeds


Im wondering if anyone else is having issues with download and upload speeds on this phone. I recently switched from a infuse which speeds tests and browsing were great, at one point I got a speedtest of 8Mbps on the network :eek:

with my galaxy 2 im seeing average down of 200-300k and average up of 500-700k, the best I think ive ever see is 1800 down.

Im not in a small town, I live in Portland, Oregon, and work in beaverton. It doesnt matter what part of town im in the speeds are aweful, anyone else having this issue, or is my phone borked?

Also yesterday at one point I couldnt even get online with the phone, then I turned off wi fi and it worked, just VERY slowly. And when the wi fi was on it wasnt connected to any network since they are all security enabled at work.