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Bad flash no access to FTM just recovery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kuraria, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Kuraria

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    So I downloaded an update app to flash the phone. The system UI kept crashing and the md5 on the recovery confirmed the checksums bad. So I "thought" flashing an update would fix the issue. The flash failed now I'm stuck in a soft brick I'm guessing. It's stock and not rooted at all. I'm new to recovering androids so could use help. I can't seem to find a update.zip to flash the phone. Even if I could would the restore the system to booting condition? I've tried to sideload a stock zip I found on the web but the sig fails. same things happens if I try it on the sd =( I'm hoping it's not just a paper weight now and I have some hopes of recovery. Saving any data isn't an issue but being able to get it working is.

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  3. Kuraria

    Kuraria Lurker
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    Update: I can get into download mode and stock recovery so I dunno what to do. From what I read the bootloader is locked. Is there anyway I can flash another bootloader though download mode? Attempting to get back into FTM just gives a zte splash and boot loops. I was using the program to update from z730v1.0.0b19 to z730v1.0.0b20 if that helps anyone. The flash got all the end and failed on me.

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