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"Bad" SD card?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Puddy Tat, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Puddy Tat

    Puddy Tat Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have a Huawei U8800-51 phone I received last January. Works great. Yesterday after changing batteries and starting the phone, it attempted to access the SD card. Phone stated card was "bad" and may need formatting. Took card out of phone and put in computer that could read the card without any problem. Started to worry so I copied all from card to computer and put card back in phone. Did a format, card back to computer, copied all folders to card, back to phone, and all was OK.
    Question would be why did the computer read the card and the phone could not????

  2. Ssith

    Ssith Android Enthusiast

    file system corruption.

    it happens.

    watch the card, though. if it starts going into read-only mode randomly, it's going bad.
  3. hstroph

    hstroph Android Enthusiast

    The card may be intermittently electronically defective, or there may be pocket lint, dust or other debris in the card slot in the phone but not in the card slot in the computer. Pockets and purses carry a great deal of debris, you know.

    The fact that the problem didn't occur until after you had changed the battery may be suggestive. It always amazes me how easy it is to accumulate a static-electrical charge while moving around, and rarely do we ever ground ourselves to dissipate it before handling things.

    Regardless of whether it's an "SD" or microSD card, they're plenty cheap on eBay or Amazon, so there's no reason not to purchase a new one for a replacement and reformat it to whatever filesystem-type your phone needs. Copy the existing data to it while you still can.

    If that new card has the same problem then you can be confident that the phone has a problem rather than the card, so you may want to open the case and gently blow out any accumulated dust etc., perhaps using canned air with the little straw nozzle to get down into the card slot.
  4. Puddy Tat

    Puddy Tat Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I would agree if the computer could not read it also.
    Laptop could read the card and the phone could not, interesting.
    I have since installed a different card, just incase the old one goes nutty.
    Thanks for your response.
    I was typing while your answer appeared. I did the air can blowout with the old card and it did not make any difference. Thought the same possibility.
    As stated above, I have a new 32G card in there now.
  5. hstroph

    hstroph Android Enthusiast

    Isn't that something? In 1989 I needed more storage on the MassComp computers we were using (Motorola 68000 processors), and a 2GB hard drive cost $2000, so we bought two of them ... $1000/GB.

    I now have about 7 microSD cards for various devices, including a recent 64GB exFat that I bought for about $30 ... 64GB on a thumbnail-sized medium, about 50
  6. Puddy Tat

    Puddy Tat Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    ......And my first 5-1/4" floppy held almost nothing and cost $5.00 each!!!
  7. hstroph

    hstroph Android Enthusiast

    Oh you big spender! ... for the 320K storage they offered, that's about $16,384/GB. I still have many dozens of them with ORNL (Oak Ridge) Fortran programming ... stuff for the museums.
  8. mikedt

    mikedt 你好


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