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Bandwidth Throttling on LTE

Discussion in 'Computers' started by AZgl1500, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. AZgl1500

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    I looked to see if there was a better forum to put this into, but the question did not even arise for me, until my AT&T ADSL took a shit and they say I won't get any repairman to even look at it for a while.... :eek:

    My Office does not have INTERNET for my Desktop PC !!!:mad:

    well, that just is not acceptable.... 4 days w/o internet? intolerable for me, I moderate forums, design a webpage for a friend and maintain that, my daughter runs a home business via the internet. o_O

    So, I had to punt, and lucky me for right now, Verizon Wireless has me on a Bonus Plan of 2 gB/month free.
    And, I also have a Verizon MiFi JetPack in service for my trips away from home.

    So, no LAN available, might as well hook up the desktop PC to the MiFi and burn up some of that free bandwidth.

    Then, I got to noticing, that hey!!! :thinking:
    this thing is "Really Fast" for bringing up web pages..... but then, after a couple of seconds or three, it seems to drag its' feet......... :mad:

    So, that led me to investigate the throttling aspect of life... and yes, it is true momma, the wireless folks are putting a condom on our internet devices :( and I have the Proof in the Pudding...

    Look at the wave forms here..... short bursts of high speed, and then it throttles down to less than my ADSL is capable of.


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