Banking apps for android make me a little nervous


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Am I the only one that is a bit nervous about some banking apps for android. I noticed on that there a whole bunch of banking apps released and I got thinking, what is stoping this developer from doing a man in the middle and stealing information? Just about any one can make an app and put it in the market.

Here is an example of the apps I was looking at.

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If you goto the official site of this developer it just some blog. Something just had me a bit nervous.



Yeah, I'll never use a third party app for accessing my bank account. In this case it's better to not use the tool than regret later ;)

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I too would never use this to access my bank accounts :)

I did however email the Dev of this a few weeks ago and asked how secure it is , He said it is just basically a link to the "Mobile version" of the Banks website. Imagine the possibility someone can change the link and your actually directed to a phishing site.

No thanks


I don't know how this kind of "shortcuts" are managed in android, but I don't think that a bookmark into the browser is so difficult to use ;)


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Shortcuts of any type that masquerade as apps really bother me. Given the ease with which I can create a shortcut or bookmark without any third party involvement, why would I want to involve a third party in such a security-sensitive function? The fact that they offer no real benefit, and present a significant security risk, makes me question their motives even more.


Someone posted about this before, a bunch of banking apps appearing that just linked to the web page. Seriously, if that does not sound dodgy then I dont know what does.


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Thanks for the info. Agree fully with above.

Not only that, but I am wary of using 3rd party apps that use / store my google account info, like the RSS apps that use my gmail authentication to get my google reader RSS feeds.

Man in the middle attacks are the biggest risk here.